Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Please say that word like Madonna’s Celabrate…that’s how I do it.

Yesterday was my very first insemination.  It was very interesting.  L is calling it my test run since we also inseminate today.  I got up and did my Moxa and was so excited that I had to take the dogs for a walk.  I ran around the house screaming, “I am too excited for this life!” as my roommate kept screaming, “One Hit Wonder”.  L was at work unfortunately, but she will be there for the insem today!
I go in and they are warming up my swimmers.  The receptionist says they are counting them…I thought there were a few more than someone could count under a microscope, but maybe I was confused.  They call me back and she lets me look at them thru the microscope.  Bunch of little guys hanging out and bopping around.  SO COOL!  Then I get on the table and put the pink paper sheet over my bottom half and wait.  When the Dr. and the nurse come in, he goes over teh IUI Report.  He explains that having over 10 million motile sperm is good, but our count is 32.9 million.  Whoa!  I was right about it being more than you can count under a microscope! He takes the tiny catheter needle and starts to pull out the sperm.  They are pink…so I ask and he says it is the vitamins.  So, I have 32.9 million little swimmers on vitamins about to go on in…sounds like good odds to me!
He does the process, asks if I have any questions and then turns down the lights and puts on relaxing music for 15 minutes while I stay laying down.

That night, I felt bloated and had tiny cramps and pressure down there all night.  It was strange.  I did not eat my fiber muffin in the morning, so it could have been that, but I like to think it was baby making!

We go in today to do the second insem.  I am getting acupuncture before hand and then we are going there together.  L says that afterwards, we are renting a movie and I am watching it with my butt in the air:)  Then she wants to take me to get lunch at Whole Foods so it is super healthy.  So cute!  Either way, L and I have today and tomorrow off together to have a few lazy days together.

We are both so excited we can hardly stand it.  I don’t know how you guys sit thru the 2 week wait because I am already anxious to know!  Either way, we are PUPO (pregnancy until proven otherwise!!)


  1. Congrats! Very exciting. Movie and lunch sounds like a great post-insemination plan :-)

  2. Congratulations on your first Insemination!

    There are so many of us on the 2ww right now - man I hope we all get our BFP!!

  3. yay! congrats on your insems. Here's hoping for your BFP!

  4. Hey cycle-buddy! We must have been lying there under paper sheets at the same time! Come on, OHW!

  5. Congrats on the first insem! Very cool... good luck to you.

  6. Oooh, how cool. I'll keep my fingers crossed and I can't wait to see the testresults. Let's hope it's like our first try: BAMM!!! Pregnant!