Thursday, May 26, 2011


So, after talking to the Birthing Center and thinking about it, I called and cancelled my appointment there.  I just do not want to stress over a 5-10lb weight gain only thru the pregnancy.  I don’t plan to put on 40 lbs or anything, but don’t want more stress than is necessary.  I set up an appointment at another Drs.  I called my current Dr. and asked for a recommendation and he gave me 2.  One happens to be the name of a Dr. where I set up the appointment this morning and the other is a small private practice like he has.  Two good options I think.  I am going to go to the first appointment at the one I set up and if I don’t like them, I will try the private practice one.  I feel much better about the whole thing.  I do have some questions for them though:
1. Can I still try to have a natural childbirth?
2. Am I going to be strapped down to a bed with IVs and such or can I move around?
3. Can I still wait for my child to get vaccines?
4. Can little Jude, if it’s a boy, still be uncircumsized?

I figure the first appointment will be a good time to ask all these questions.  For all of you wondering about the whole girl reference, I was driving home from work one day before I knew I was pregnant and it just hit me, “I am pregnant and it is with a girl”.  I have since gone back and forth, but my gut said girl, so that is my guess.  Either way, I will be very happy to welcome a little girl or a little boy into this world in January!

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