Thursday, April 28, 2011

Baby Mix

So I love to make mix CDs.  You might remember my “One Hit Wonder” CD I made S a month or two ago.  Well, tonight I made another CD, this time the songs have the theme of all having “Baby” in the title. I think it is a great, fun mix and that in some sort of cosmic way, little things like this help.  So I encourage you to make your own mix, there are tons of songs out there that have Baby in the title.  Or just use my list and put together a youtube playlist, I know all of these songs are on it.  Enjoy!

Baby Mix- PUPO- Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise
1. Be My Baby- The Ronettes
2. Hey Baby- No Doubt
3.  Don’t Worry Baby- The Beach Boys
4. Always be My Baby- Mariah Carey
5. Run Baby Run- Sheryl Crow
6.  Baby, Baby- Amy Grant
7.  Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing- Chris Isaak
8.  Ice Ice Baby- Vanilla Ice
9.  Baby- Justin Bieber
10.  Baby Baby Baby- TLC
11.  Baby Love- The Supremes
12.  Baby You Can Drive My Car- The Beatles
13.  Baby Boy- Beyonce
14.  Baby One More Time- Britney Spears
15.  Baby I Need Your Loving- The Four Tops
16.  I’m Your Baby Tonight- Whitney Houston
17.  All That She Wants (Is Another Baby)- Ace of Base

I think that the last song is particularly funny, personally.

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