Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is a day full of glory, glory for me mostly because it is my birthday!  Today I turn the big 2-9, otherwise known as 29.  I’m excited about it, this will be my last birthday as a person and not as a mom (not that moms aren’t people, but you know what I mean).  S and I are going out to dinner to celebrate (P.F. Chang’s, yum!) and then on Saturday I’m having a party that will feature a decorate your own cupcake bar!  Of course everyone is blowing up my Facebook page, which I heart, and I also got super sweet messages from both of my parents.  My Momma sent me a text saying that I was very much planned and wanted very much and that her and my Dad cried at the moment they saw me because they were so happy and I was so beautiful.  And then my Dad sent me a message on Facebook saying that he remembered the tears of joy he had in the delivery room when he first saw me and how nervous he was on the first car ride home from the hospital.  And while my parents always say cute stuff like that on my birthday, I think that this year is the first time that I can really appreciate it and sort of know what they mean, even without yet having my own baby to cry tears of joy over.  Just the thought that S might be pregnant right now makes my heart just swell up with love and it’s so much that sometimes I think I might just pass out from all of the love and joy.  

No news on the TTC front, of the positive kind at least.  But I am more and more sure that S is pregnant each and every day.  She is still getting nauseous from time to time, and last night she said that she was still having weird cramping every so often and that her boobs felt bigger/different.  S hasn’t been able to keep from testing and even tested twice one day because she felt so pregnant.  She used up all of the tests that we had and then yesterday went and got 5 more so she can pretty much test everyday up until she has the blood test on Monday.  So cute.  And I can’t blame her, it’s just driving us crazy not to know.  But now S is testing in secret during the day when I’m not around because it makes me a bit sad to see the negative, but hearing about it for some reason isn’t that big of a deal.  But that does sort of suck because when it is positive, I won’t be right there to jump up and down with her.  But I will jump up and down once she does tell me, so I guess either way I’ll be more excited that I can actually describe.

And it sounds like a bunch of the other bloggers who have inseminated around the same time as us are starting to get their BFP, which is so exciting!  I’m just over the moon about it all and can’t wait to join the club and I can’t wait to have us all blogging along about our pregnancies with everyone going through the same things at the same time.  That is going to be F-U-N.
Fingers crossed!


  1. Happy Birthday, Liz!!!! Still hoping for your BFP!

  2. Happy birthday! Come on with the belated BFP-present! :) Also, I'm amazed you let her test without you there--I'm not allowed to unless Lynn is in the house, for both of our sanities. She can't handle getting random calls of me crying (and doesn't want random calls about the positive, either since she wants to be there for the jumping around part).

  3. Happy Birthday..and lots of baby dust!