Tuesday, May 31, 2011


My cute little pug Pedro
My pretty yellow kitchen
My cute pug Pedro in my pretty yellow kitchen
Me in my pretty yellow kitchen from earlier this month, at my 29th birthday party.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Not Much Happening

It seems like there was more to talk about, more to consider, more to fret over when we were just TTC vs now that S is pregnant.  Not much is happening around  here other than preparing for lots of visitors over the next month.  Right now my mom is on her way down from Oklahoma to visit for the weekend, which I’m sure will include lots and lots of shopping, because that is what she loves to do when she is in town.  Maybe this time she will buy some baby stuff.  The only nice thing about all of the people coming to visit, other than it will be nice to see them, is that they all know that S is pregnant so it’s not like we will have people staying in our house and trying to hide this or not talk about this.

So nothing to report.  Things are going along nicely here.  We had a little date night last night and ate a nice dinner and drank a bottle of sparkling grape juice out of our nice crystal glasses and watched a movie on Netflix.  S hasn’t been getting “morning” sickness really at all, just a little nauseous for a few minutes here and there, and other than that, all other symptoms have been mild.  A craving here and there, bigger boobs that are sore, a little bit of cramping, being tired, etc. but nothing that she hasn’t dealt with beautifully.

Now I just wish that time would go faster.  I want to do the fun end of pregnancy stuff, like set up the nursery, have a baby shower, feel the baby kick, see her/his little face profile on the ultrasound.  It can’t get here soon enough as far as I’m concerned!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


So, after talking to the Birthing Center and thinking about it, I called and cancelled my appointment there.  I just do not want to stress over a 5-10lb weight gain only thru the pregnancy.  I don’t plan to put on 40 lbs or anything, but don’t want more stress than is necessary.  I set up an appointment at another Drs.  I called my current Dr. and asked for a recommendation and he gave me 2.  One happens to be the name of a Dr. where I set up the appointment this morning and the other is a small private practice like he has.  Two good options I think.  I am going to go to the first appointment at the one I set up and if I don’t like them, I will try the private practice one.  I feel much better about the whole thing.  I do have some questions for them though:
1. Can I still try to have a natural childbirth?
2. Am I going to be strapped down to a bed with IVs and such or can I move around?
3. Can I still wait for my child to get vaccines?
4. Can little Jude, if it’s a boy, still be uncircumsized?

I figure the first appointment will be a good time to ask all these questions.  For all of you wondering about the whole girl reference, I was driving home from work one day before I knew I was pregnant and it just hit me, “I am pregnant and it is with a girl”.  I have since gone back and forth, but my gut said girl, so that is my guess.  Either way, I will be very happy to welcome a little girl or a little boy into this world in January!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby’s First Picture **Update

Isn’t she the cutest?  We love her little face already!
**We don't know the sex yet (of course not), but S has a feeling it is a girl**

now that you’re preggie, it’s time to diet!?!

I just got off the phone with the Austin Birthing Center.  All my paperwork looks good except one thing.  That would be my BMI.  I am 5’4 and 3/4 (at my last physical they would not give me that 1/4’’) and currently weigh 218.8 lbs.  That puts my BMI in the obese category.  The center is still willing to take my on, however, I am required to agree to only gain 5-10lbs thru my pregnancy.  I am going to build a baby and only gain 5 lbs!  To me, that says I get to diet hard core thru my pregnancy….f-ing fantastic.  I am overweight, I can freely admit that, but I wear a size 16 pants.  That is the average size in America.  You would think I would not be asked to basically loose 20 lbs. thru the pregnancy, but sigh.
I have been on and off diets my whole life.  I hated my body growing up.  Was anorexic in the 8th and 9th grade until I started to run 7 miles a day.  Then I ate whatever I wanted.  You can do that when you run 7 miles a day.  When I was injured and could not run, I put the weight back on.  A few years ago, I trained for a half marathon.  I did this at 200 lbs.  I am just not a small girl however you look at it.  I really thought during pregnancy, I would not have to diet.  Eat healthy and walk, yes, makes sense to me.  We will see what exactly the birthing center says.  They said that they do tons of nutrition counseling and will build an exercise routine for me.  I am interested in what that means.  She said high protein and low sugar, which seems reasonable.  Honestly it is not that bad except I hate to watch the scale.  The best way for me to lose weight has always been thru self loathing.  I can tear myself to shreds mentally picking my physical self apart, and I lose weight quickly. I don’t feel comfortable putting myself there thru the pregnancy.  I guess I am just going to have to learn a new skill, but it just seems like an intense time to learn it.

On a plus note, I had the first ultrasound today.  Just a gestational sack and a yolk egg, not real exciting, but still another sign that everything is going well.  What is real exciting is that next Thursday I go in and should be able to see a heartbeat…kinda.  He said it looks like a glimmer, but that it is the heart beating.  He said it looks like a diamond ring, which I think he meant it kinda sparkles instead of looking like a steady heart beat.  Should be really cool.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Malt Vinegar is...Delicious?

As a person who has never been pregnant nor have I ever really been around anyone I was close to while they were pregnant, I am surprised by how different S already seems to be.  It’s been less than 6 weeks and already, you can tell that her hormones are racing.  Her cravings are weird.  She is off the carrot juice kick and is now crazy, and by crazy I do mean CRAZY, for malt vinegar.  Gross, so very gross and weird.  On Sunday we went and saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean in 3D, which we enjoyed, at a movie theater here called the Alamo were you can have drinks and food brought to you while you watch a movie.  It’s awesome.  Anyway, much to my surprise, instead of ordering her normal sandwich or pizza, S gets fish and chips and then pours pretty much half a bottle of malt vinegar over the whole thing.  Later she confessed that when she finished her glass of water and there was just ice in the cup she seriously considered for at least 30 seconds pouring malt vinegar in her cup and drinking it straight.  Yesterday, on her way home from work she went far out of her way to stop at a Long John Silver’s and get fish and chips again and delighted in covering it in malt vinegar, and if you were wondering, apparently Long John Silver’s has the best malt vinegar ever.  Not that you were wondering.  Now keep in mind that this is from a girl who in almost 9 years I have only seen eat fish once, and that was in Maui on our honeymoon at fancy restaurants.  And how does Long John Silver’s say in business anyway?  I swear I haven’t eaten there in over 10 years, though I’m guessing if this craving continues it might be in my future.

Another pregnancy related thing is that I have never seen S so tired.  Yesterday after work we were laying in bed together talking when I get up to make a phone call.  From the kitchen and in less than 5 minutes, literally, I can hear her snoring, she passed out that quick.  But she has been working a lot so that might be part of it.

Tonight we are having two of our friends over tonight for dinner to tell them the good news.  They don’t know that we were even thinking about trying to do this, so it will be really fun to tell them.  I think that they will be very excited and surprised.  I can’t wait to tell them!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I ran my ass off at work the past couple days and I don’t think that I have ever felt so tired in my life.  I went to bed early last night, but I got home and I crashed out for 30 minutes today too!  Building a baby is hard work!  I feel so strange in my body right now.  To ward off morning sickness, I am eating small meals thru the day.  At one point, I was giving someone a tour of the spa, and I suddenly was not feeling so hot.  I was very glad I did not throw up on them.  It was short lived, but intense.  It was also very hot at the spa today and I thought I might pass out.  I kept occupying my time in areas that were not so hot.   I am dying for cheddar cheese.  This does not seem like the best idea since I am lactose intolerant, but I ate it and will eat it anyways.  My uterus is growing and it feels like stretching.  The best way I can describe it is how you stretch a balloon before inflating.  If feels very, very strange.  All this and I am only on week 6 on Monday!  Sheesh!  The cramping has subsided for the most part except a few times a day.  Now it feels like dull aches and like I did a ton of crunches in a weird part of my stomach and it is achy in a way.  Being pregnancy is as strange as it is amazing!  All totally worth it!

Movie Review: In The Womb

Last night S and I watched a National Geographic Documentary called “In The Womb” that follows a baby from the first moment of conception all the way through the birth.  Through the whole thing they use ultrasound, 3d and 4d ultrasound and animations based on things observed during ultrasounds along with at one point the show a camera that is actually inside the womb during a surgery on what I think was a 24 week old unborn baby.  It’s pretty incredible to actually see how things develop and the whole thing was just so chock full of amazing facts that I can’t even begin to tell you all about it.  They also talk a bit about fraternal and identical twins and how that looks.  Anyway, we got it from Netflix and for all of you out there who are pregnant or are wanting to be pregnant or have already had a baby, I highly recommend it.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby bloat

I feel so different.  It is strange to think that people won’t be able to spot a baby bump for months.  I do have what I call a baby bloat going on.  A little tiny pocket at the bottom of my stomach that is not normally there.  Everyone has been so excited for us thru all of this.  Of course we are beyond ourselves with joy, but it is nice that people in our lives feel the same way.
I feel so different, but only am on the inside.  Since I work at a spa, I always am afraid one of my intuitive therapists will figure it out.  I feel so different that I expect everyday for someone to walk up to me and go, “hey you’re totally pregnant!” To which I will coyly reply, “but I’m a lesbian!”  Liz says it will take a week before anyone figures out that the fact that I am a lesbian doesn’t really matter and I will buy myself some time.  I am having a tired night.  I could go to bed right now and it is only 8:30pm.  I feel like my whole world is different and not that many people know it.  It’s so fun being pregnant so far.  All day at work I just thought of how much I love Liz and how excited I am for my baby bloat!:)
I thought I would be bubble girl.  Afraid of losing the baby or someone hitting my stomach and that I would build a bubble around me because of it.  I actually feel fantastic.  This baby is building strong and I am full of happiness.  I got my results back about my thyroid also.  All good a 2.4 and 1.4.  Even better than before I was carrying a baby bunny (which we call it because i have been craving carrot juice).  Alright, I am rambling, but sometimes you just have to note the great feelings before the morning sickness sets in:)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2nd Beta In!

Talked to S just a bit ago and the second beta came in at 133!  Monday was 60.5 so everything is progressing just as it should.  S is making an apointment to see the doc again next week to do the ultrasound.  I don't know that I'll be able to go because of work, but they said if she brings in a flash drive they can record it for us so I will still get to see it either way!  So exciting!

Second Beta Coming Soon

So S went in this morning for her second round of blood work.  We should know sometime after 2:30 what the second beta ends up being.  Monday’s ended up being 60.5, so we are hoping for something over 120 today.  We think that S ovulated late and that she probably didn’t actually get pregnant until May 4th or 5th, so that’s why the low first beta.  Also S has been having lots of cramping and the doctor assured her that it is normal.  Other than the cramping, not too many pregnancy symptoms, she has been craving carrot juice (gross) and has been tired, but I think that is about it.  Oh and there was lots of crying yesterday, but last night’s Glee was an especially sad episode, I cried too, and most of the other crying was at How I Met Your Mother, which is one of our favorite shows, at a happy moment in that show. 

Oh and if you were wondering how S is over 4 weeks pregnant when we only inseminated a little over two weeks ago, it’s because they start counting from the first day of your last period.  So it’s like we get bonus weeks.  J  And as far as the gender is concerned, I want a girl and S wants a boy.  Last week S told me that she just knew she was pregnant and that she was pregnant with a girl, but I don’t know how sure she is about that anymore.  I think that we will end up with a boy, so the last day or two all of my Amazon wish list baby shopping has been for nursery stuff that could go either way, but is probably a little more boyish. 

Yesterday we went to Barnes and Noble to look at pregnancy magazines and books and could only find one magazine, which wasn’t that great.  But we did find a super cute pregnancy journal, I think it’s called The Belly Book.  So now S can record her craving and thoughts and whatnot.  Fun stuff.  I wish there was more that we could be doing right now, but it’s just too early.  If only time would go faster!
Now come on doctor, call with the second beta!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

peas and carrots

I am so excited to have a confirmed pregnancy!  I go back in tomorrow to make sure the hormones are progressing as they should and then I go in a week from tomorrow to get the first ultrasound….so amazing!  The baby will not look like much on it, but since I went thru a fertility dr., there is a lot more monitoring than the usual preggie.  He asked if I wanted it and I said yes!  I called the insurance and the most we should have to pay out of pocket if everything goes completely haywire is $10,000.  That is totally doable to me.  The baby will be covered on my insurance for the first 31 days and then I will add it to my plan.  I set up the first appointment at the Birthing Center at 9 weeks.  So, the fertility Dr. will see me until week 8 and then the next week, I will meet with a midwife at the Birthing Center.  All of it is so very exciting.  The Dr. said I would be able to try to hear the heartbeat in two weeks, but we will for sure hear it at the first appointment at the Birthing Center.
On another note, I am cotton weary….aka very tired.  Last night at 8:30 after a day of laying around and watching Mad Men and reading, I could barely keep my eyes open.  I have also been craving juice, carrots and peas…not bad cravings if you ask me.  I have been organizing the house a bit and I am in the midst of cooking Beef Wellington right now.  I will add pictures when it is done.  It is a ton of veggies, mixed with a pound of beef and then rolled into a puff pastry! YUM!  So many exciting changes!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Best. Weekend. Ever.

I still can’t really believe that it’s true, S is pregnant and getting more pregnant by the minute.  It still sort of feels like a fantastic dream.  S went in for the blood test this morning, bright and early at 7:30 am, and I should be getting a call from her sometime today to confirm that the doctor agrees with us, that she is indeed pregnant.  They told that when they get the positive they will schedule her to come in again on Wednesday for a second blood test and then sometime next week they will want her to come in and do an ultrasound.  That just blows my mind that they’d be able to do an ultrasound already.  And there is a chance that we’d be able to hear the heartbeat.  Crazy!

            Telling everyone has been really fun.  Of course right now we are only telling the people who knew we were trying and had been crossing fingers for us, so it was only about 6-8 people, but still really fun.  We have gotten such sweet reactions from shrieks of delight to tears of joy.  Plus the overflow of love in the comments from all of you about the BFP has been amazing.  

            Oh!  Just got off the phone with S and she called to check on the blood work and they said that it wasn’t done, but that her Beta levels were already at a 60, which is high enough to confirm that she is, indeed, pregnant!  We should be able to get the final number for the beta later today!  I’ll keep you all posted, as I’m sure you are on the edge of your seat.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I got up, did my usual routine of peeing on a stick first thing.  Guess what this stick said….”Pregnant”.  Cut and dry, no line reading, just one wonderful little word.  Poor Liz, hung over from her party got me turning on a light excited to wake her up.  For some reason, I don’t think she minds:)  Blood draw is tomorrow for true confirmation, but I am so excited I finally got a positive on a pee test.  Who said a little acupuncture and rocks can’t work….:)  ONE HIT WONDER!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

If you like it then you really should have peed on it.

I got a call from Liz today at work saying that she had something to tell me.  I assumed it was one of 2 things 1. something to do with pregnancy 2. something at the house was broken that she wanted me to take care of on my days off.  I have been testing every morning, but still all negatives.  So, when I did my test with my first urine of the day at 4:30 am this morning, it was negative, and I put it in the trash.  Our trash was kinda full, so it was sticking out a bit.  So, Liz calls to talk to me about the pregnancy test.  Little did I know that this whole time after I go to work, she has been pulling them out and taking them into the sunlight for further inspection.  The one from today has a very very light pink line in the sunlight.  How accurate that is, I do not know considering she did this after 5 hours of it sitting in the trash.  She however, is convinced it means I am preggie.  We shall know in the next few days.  I have my blood draw on Monday morning.  However, according to my mom, when she was pregnant, she got 1 last period and the blood draw was negative…huh.  Very confusing.  Either way, I am hoping for a positive soon because otherwise we need to get on trying again next time.  On another note, I am either pregnant or gearing up for a heinous period because I have been cramping all day.  I am guessing it is not my period because I don’t usually cramp without blood, but maybe it is.  We will know soo soon and I will keep all of you posted!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is a day full of glory, glory for me mostly because it is my birthday!  Today I turn the big 2-9, otherwise known as 29.  I’m excited about it, this will be my last birthday as a person and not as a mom (not that moms aren’t people, but you know what I mean).  S and I are going out to dinner to celebrate (P.F. Chang’s, yum!) and then on Saturday I’m having a party that will feature a decorate your own cupcake bar!  Of course everyone is blowing up my Facebook page, which I heart, and I also got super sweet messages from both of my parents.  My Momma sent me a text saying that I was very much planned and wanted very much and that her and my Dad cried at the moment they saw me because they were so happy and I was so beautiful.  And then my Dad sent me a message on Facebook saying that he remembered the tears of joy he had in the delivery room when he first saw me and how nervous he was on the first car ride home from the hospital.  And while my parents always say cute stuff like that on my birthday, I think that this year is the first time that I can really appreciate it and sort of know what they mean, even without yet having my own baby to cry tears of joy over.  Just the thought that S might be pregnant right now makes my heart just swell up with love and it’s so much that sometimes I think I might just pass out from all of the love and joy.  

No news on the TTC front, of the positive kind at least.  But I am more and more sure that S is pregnant each and every day.  She is still getting nauseous from time to time, and last night she said that she was still having weird cramping every so often and that her boobs felt bigger/different.  S hasn’t been able to keep from testing and even tested twice one day because she felt so pregnant.  She used up all of the tests that we had and then yesterday went and got 5 more so she can pretty much test everyday up until she has the blood test on Monday.  So cute.  And I can’t blame her, it’s just driving us crazy not to know.  But now S is testing in secret during the day when I’m not around because it makes me a bit sad to see the negative, but hearing about it for some reason isn’t that big of a deal.  But that does sort of suck because when it is positive, I won’t be right there to jump up and down with her.  But I will jump up and down once she does tell me, so I guess either way I’ll be more excited that I can actually describe.

And it sounds like a bunch of the other bloggers who have inseminated around the same time as us are starting to get their BFP, which is so exciting!  I’m just over the moon about it all and can’t wait to join the club and I can’t wait to have us all blogging along about our pregnancies with everyone going through the same things at the same time.  That is going to be F-U-N.
Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Still no luck

I took the test today for the 6 days before the missed period.  Still negative.  It says it is only 68% accurate this far out, so we could totally still be smuggling a baby:)  We told ourselves we would be hopeful until Saturday since it would be closer.  Really we will probably be hopeful until I start my period which would be Sunday or Monday.  I keep peeing on sticks hoping a different result will turn up, but nothing yet.  Liz says if I am not preggie this time it is because the egg would have been a real asshole and we are waiting for a better egg.  That cracked me up!  Here’s hoping the test looks different in the near future!

Monday, May 9, 2011

What to think

When I was first inseminated, I felt all those signs and was just sure I was preggie.  Now, I am not so sure. I am confused.  I don’t feel preggie anymore, more like PMS is on setting.  The weird part is that it could totally mean that I am preggie, or it could be PMS.  I will take the first test on Wednesday.  I am nervous.  I will be upset if it is negative, but still feel the true test will be on next Monday.  I guess I either will start my period or I will have not.  Either way, I am feeling anxious and not as sure as I have been thru this whole journey.
On another note, my allergies have been CRAZY!  If I am not drugged, I am coughing non-stop.  It has been awful and it is really upsetting to take medication right now.  I was taking Sudafed because that is what the Dr. recommended, but then another Dr. says don’t take it during the first Trimester.  Then I read it has been linked to the intestines developing on the outside of the fetus body.  What kind of thing is that to say!  My co-worker would like to know what study they discovered that in!  So, I switched to Benadryl.  It makes me feel sleepy and loopy, but if it’s safer for the possible baby, then I am down!
If I am preggie, the baby is the size of a poppyseed.  That is exciting.
On another plus note, Liz is roasting and chicken and making Yorkshire pudding and mashed potatoes with parsnips in them.  Yum!  I just sampled her gravy and holy cow, de-lish!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Chinese food and pennies= pregnant??

Okay, so as Liz and I have expressed we fear all of these “signs” are in our heads.  I still feel safe sharing them with you at this time.  You can call me crazy later:)  Last night as I was closing down my spa, I was counting change and had a major urge to suck the pennies.  I didn’t want to eat them, just suck the metal taste off of them.  Fortunately, I resisted because money is disgusting, but still, it was a strange urge.  Tonight, we were on our way to eat Italian food when I suddenly decided, much to Liz’s delight, that I wanted Chinese food instead.  This is only strange to me because I don’t like Chinese food.  More possibly, but possibly not signs.  Mostly, we keep commenting on how pregnant I am since we are PUPO (pregnant until proven otherwise)

All In Our Heads?

I hate the two week wait.  It is so sucky and stupid.  How is it that we can put people on the moon, and have amazing apps like Shazam (I love it so much), and all of the other crazy technology that is out there, yet we can’t find a reliable way to figure out if someone is pregnant before two weeks?  That is so stupid.  And I guess that the fact that it only takes two weeks to find out is sort of amazing, but it sure doesn’t feel like it when you are waiting for those days to pass.  If only there were more signs.  Yesterday S felt so pregnant, she was nauseous for like 4 hours and mentioned that she all of a sudden hates the lotion that she used to love, it smells way too strong for her now.  But today she only felt sick to her stomach for a little bit and doesn’t feel pregnant like she did yesterday.  It is truly maddening.  And I hate that it’s totally possible that all of our lucky ‘signs’ and the nauseous feelings and what not could totally be in our minds.  Stupid minds playing stupid tricks on us. 

But despite my fears that this is all in our heads, I still feel pretty confidant that S will be a One Hit Wonder and that we are pregnant.  I think that May is a lucky month and that our test on the 11th, which is only 5 days away will show that BFP that we are looking for.  If not, my birthday is the next day and we are having a party that weekend, so lots to look forward to.
Fingers crossed!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I think I convinced my body

So, I woke up this morning, nauseous.  Great!  We inseminated 4 days ago so from what I gather, it can in no way be related to pregnancy.  I guess I have convinced my body that I am preggie, because I feel slightly bloated, nauseous, and moody.  It makes me feel like a Jedi to convince my body I am preggie.  Hopefully it takes!  On another note, my allergies are crazy right now and I think the feelings are related to that!
Good baby making wishes to all out there on the 2 week wait!

Probably Pregnant

The last two days have been wonderful.  S and I both managed to get off work on Tuesday and Wednesday, so we could go to the insemination together and get to spend some quiet us time afterwards.  It was so nice.  On Tuesday morning I got up with S and went to her acupuncture appointment.  I read and drank coffee at a nearby shop while she did the appointment and then we went together to the RE’s office.  I’d never been before, so it was nice to meet the doctor and get to see the place where this was all happening.  We got a report on the second batch of baby brain batter and while it wasn’t as good as Monday’s numbers, the RE said it was more of a normal count while Monday’s count was through the roof.  So the count of motile sperm was 10.25 million according to the report.  The whole thing took about 5 minutes and we got to sit and hold hands and just really smile a lot at each other.  I’m glad I got to be there.  Afterwards, we went and got lunch and some snacks and watched movies all afternoon (including Look Whose Talking and the Lion King, ha), while S kept her butt up in the air for good measure.  Yesterday we did pretty much the same thing, lunch, movies, and relaxing.  

I’m convinced that S is pregnant.  She thinks so too.  We know that it’s way to early to tell, but we think that we have had some lucky signs.  To start with, our first insem the numbers were crazy good and it was a good friend’s birthday that day.  Also, we had this strange and wonderful cold front roll in the last three days, keeping the weather a lovely 75 and breezy most of the time, which is very strange for Austin this time of year.  And we got amazing parking every place we went and we went to get dessert at the grocery store yesterday and S found a $20 bill on the ground.   Plus with so many people thinking happy baby making thoughts for us, surely the universe will listen?  Anyway, we won’t know for sure until May 16th, which feels like an eternity from now.  But we couldn’t wait and so yesterday, S took a home pregnancy test.  And while we knew that there was no way even if she was pregnant that she would get a positive, we still did it. And of course it was negative, but it was fun to try.  So we are probably going to test again on the 11th, because our darling roomie is moving out that afternoon and we want to test again while she is still here, and then we will test again on the morning of the 14th because it is the morning of my birthday party and it will make for such a happy party to know and then we go in for the final official blood draw on the 16th.  I’m sure some of you are super good about just waiting it out and not testing early, but I honestly just don’t know how you can stand that.  Obviously, we don’t have that sort of patience.  And if it wouldn’t be a bit expensive and bit maddening, I’d have S take a pregnancy test everyday for the next two weeks.  I know that’s silly, but I just gotta know! 

Oh one last thing, good vibes/thoughts for all of us out there trying this month!  I really hope that we ALL get BFP this month and we can all blog and follow the amazing ups and downs of pregnancy together.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Please say that word like Madonna’s Celabrate…that’s how I do it.

Yesterday was my very first insemination.  It was very interesting.  L is calling it my test run since we also inseminate today.  I got up and did my Moxa and was so excited that I had to take the dogs for a walk.  I ran around the house screaming, “I am too excited for this life!” as my roommate kept screaming, “One Hit Wonder”.  L was at work unfortunately, but she will be there for the insem today!
I go in and they are warming up my swimmers.  The receptionist says they are counting them…I thought there were a few more than someone could count under a microscope, but maybe I was confused.  They call me back and she lets me look at them thru the microscope.  Bunch of little guys hanging out and bopping around.  SO COOL!  Then I get on the table and put the pink paper sheet over my bottom half and wait.  When the Dr. and the nurse come in, he goes over teh IUI Report.  He explains that having over 10 million motile sperm is good, but our count is 32.9 million.  Whoa!  I was right about it being more than you can count under a microscope! He takes the tiny catheter needle and starts to pull out the sperm.  They are pink…so I ask and he says it is the vitamins.  So, I have 32.9 million little swimmers on vitamins about to go on in…sounds like good odds to me!
He does the process, asks if I have any questions and then turns down the lights and puts on relaxing music for 15 minutes while I stay laying down.

That night, I felt bloated and had tiny cramps and pressure down there all night.  It was strange.  I did not eat my fiber muffin in the morning, so it could have been that, but I like to think it was baby making!

We go in today to do the second insem.  I am getting acupuncture before hand and then we are going there together.  L says that afterwards, we are renting a movie and I am watching it with my butt in the air:)  Then she wants to take me to get lunch at Whole Foods so it is super healthy.  So cute!  Either way, L and I have today and tomorrow off together to have a few lazy days together.

We are both so excited we can hardly stand it.  I don’t know how you guys sit thru the 2 week wait because I am already anxious to know!  Either way, we are PUPO (pregnancy until proven otherwise!!)