Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New House Suprise

This week is the big week, moving time!  Yesterday we officially sold our house and then on Thursday we will officially buy the new house.  I am so excited!!  I've been telling Jude all about it everyday to the point that if you ask him about the new house he shouts yay!  So cute.  And we had a major suprise yesterday with the new house.  We were meeting our realtor over there to do a final walk through and we were about twenty minutes early.  So we were exploring this little paved path that goes behind some near by houses and about three minutes down the path we discovered a park!
So I was excited before, but now, man oh man, I am over the moon!  At our house now there are two parks within walking distance but one is a school so during the week days it isn't an option plus we have to cross a very busy road.  The other one is about a 25 minute walk and the slides are too big for Jude to get up to by himself with the way they are designed.  And now we will live only minutes away from this awesome park.  I told S that if we had known this park was right here we would have jumped on this house regardless of loving the house or not.  But luckily we do love the house and now we have the park as a suprise bonus.  And it will make moving so much easier while all the toys are waiting to be unpacked and when we need Jude out of the way of the movers we have an easy solution.  Yay!

And Jude already loves this park.  We only got to play for about 15 minutes yesterday and he cried hard when we had to leave.  I have a feeling it will only take once or twice us walking over to it before getting him out the front door to go anywhere else will be really hard.  I can't wait to take him there again.  I have to admit when we first got a glimps of it I pretty much ran to it way ahead of S and Jude and then joyfully went down the slide.  So Jude isn't the only one having fun!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mr. fancy hat

Yesterday, even though It was cold, Jude really wanted to play in his sandbox, which has been a huge hit with him ever since we got back from the beach.  Anyway, we got all bundled up when Jude saw S's hat and just had to wear it.  Normally I can't get him to wear a hat outside so I let him go for it.  He looks pretty darn cute!
Does your little one like hats as much as Jude does?  He really loves them, so I don't get why when it's cold outside he refuses.  Kids!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

2 Year Stats

Well it looks like my little Jude really is a bit little, or petite as my doctor said.  He clocks in at 25.3 lbs (29%) and 34.2 in (39%) and with the always tiny head at 46.5 cm (10%).  Over all he is doing really well and is where he should be, with the exception of his verbal/social skills.  On those he lags a bit behind.  I was really worried about this and fully expected her to want him in speach therapy, but at this point she thinks he is just a little behind and wants to give him 2-3 more months before moving onto speach therapy.  I am so relived!  She also though that the social issues he is having are more to do with delayed speach and bein strong willed then anything else.  So hopefully we will get him into some sort of part time program where he can spend more time with other kids his age which should take care of both problems.

 Our pediatrician also recommended a few books to me now that the terrible twos are upon us, one of which I picked up last night called 1 2 3 Magic.  Anyone have any experience with this book?  So far it sounds like it could be helpful but I haven't done much more than skim through it at this point.  Anyone else having tantrums yet?  Or are we the only lucky ones?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2 Years Old!

On Sunday Jude turned two!  I can't believe it!  We had a really fun day to celebrate.  We went that morning for a few hours to our local bounce house, which he loves.  Then after his nap we went to Chuckie Cheese for dinner and more going wild.  He loved all of it and even the mommies had fun.  We got cupcakes as well and he really enjoyed blowing out his candles!
He also really enjoyed opening presents.  Happy birthday Jude!!