Thursday, May 5, 2011

Probably Pregnant

The last two days have been wonderful.  S and I both managed to get off work on Tuesday and Wednesday, so we could go to the insemination together and get to spend some quiet us time afterwards.  It was so nice.  On Tuesday morning I got up with S and went to her acupuncture appointment.  I read and drank coffee at a nearby shop while she did the appointment and then we went together to the RE’s office.  I’d never been before, so it was nice to meet the doctor and get to see the place where this was all happening.  We got a report on the second batch of baby brain batter and while it wasn’t as good as Monday’s numbers, the RE said it was more of a normal count while Monday’s count was through the roof.  So the count of motile sperm was 10.25 million according to the report.  The whole thing took about 5 minutes and we got to sit and hold hands and just really smile a lot at each other.  I’m glad I got to be there.  Afterwards, we went and got lunch and some snacks and watched movies all afternoon (including Look Whose Talking and the Lion King, ha), while S kept her butt up in the air for good measure.  Yesterday we did pretty much the same thing, lunch, movies, and relaxing.  

I’m convinced that S is pregnant.  She thinks so too.  We know that it’s way to early to tell, but we think that we have had some lucky signs.  To start with, our first insem the numbers were crazy good and it was a good friend’s birthday that day.  Also, we had this strange and wonderful cold front roll in the last three days, keeping the weather a lovely 75 and breezy most of the time, which is very strange for Austin this time of year.  And we got amazing parking every place we went and we went to get dessert at the grocery store yesterday and S found a $20 bill on the ground.   Plus with so many people thinking happy baby making thoughts for us, surely the universe will listen?  Anyway, we won’t know for sure until May 16th, which feels like an eternity from now.  But we couldn’t wait and so yesterday, S took a home pregnancy test.  And while we knew that there was no way even if she was pregnant that she would get a positive, we still did it. And of course it was negative, but it was fun to try.  So we are probably going to test again on the 11th, because our darling roomie is moving out that afternoon and we want to test again while she is still here, and then we will test again on the morning of the 14th because it is the morning of my birthday party and it will make for such a happy party to know and then we go in for the final official blood draw on the 16th.  I’m sure some of you are super good about just waiting it out and not testing early, but I honestly just don’t know how you can stand that.  Obviously, we don’t have that sort of patience.  And if it wouldn’t be a bit expensive and bit maddening, I’d have S take a pregnancy test everyday for the next two weeks.  I know that’s silly, but I just gotta know! 

Oh one last thing, good vibes/thoughts for all of us out there trying this month!  I really hope that we ALL get BFP this month and we can all blog and follow the amazing ups and downs of pregnancy together.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?

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  1. I had to giggle out loud when I saw this line:

    I’m sure some of you are super good about just waiting it out and not testing early, but I honestly just don’t know how you can stand that. Obviously, we don’t have that sort of patience

    NONE of us are super good about waiting - I've tested early every time. AND it doesn't get easier the more you do it - it might actually get worse.

    I hope that you are a One Hit Wonder! BABY DUST TO ALL!