Our Story

S and I started dating long, long ago back when we were both only 20 years old.
We got married (though not legally) in our back yard on 6/7/8.
 Me (Liz)

We have been dreaming of having a family from the very beginning, but it wasn’t until 2011 that we could make those dreams a reality.  On May 3rd, using donor sperm from a sperm bank we did an IUI insemination at our doctor’s office on S.  Some how we got VERY lucky and found out at the end of our two week wait that S was pregnant on our first try!

A few months (ok, many months) later, our baby boy Jude Grayson was born!  On 2/2/12 we welcomed our 8 lb 14 oz and 22 inch boy, who was almost two weeks late.
Now I’m a stay at home mom with Jude while S is back at work.  We have a happy family and love watching Jude grow up to be an amazing little man!
Thank you for checking out our blog!  We heart our readers!

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  1. Wow - so lucky for IUI to work first try (though I have two friends who were as lucky -I think it led me to some unrealistic expectations!). We are living in Thailand and 17 weeks pregnant with twins and hoping to find a nice network of lesbian mum friends - there are not many here where we live in Bangkok.