Thursday, May 5, 2011

I think I convinced my body

So, I woke up this morning, nauseous.  Great!  We inseminated 4 days ago so from what I gather, it can in no way be related to pregnancy.  I guess I have convinced my body that I am preggie, because I feel slightly bloated, nauseous, and moody.  It makes me feel like a Jedi to convince my body I am preggie.  Hopefully it takes!  On another note, my allergies are crazy right now and I think the feelings are related to that!
Good baby making wishes to all out there on the 2 week wait!


  1. haha - I think we all think ourselves pregnant too.

  2. We are all SOOO pregnant!

  3. Hey, ONLY TWO DAYS after my insemination I thought the company that produces my favorite carrot juice had changed the recipe. I couldn't eat jogurt anymore (of which I used to eat at least two or three a day) and I couldn't stand sweet things. (and I LOVE chocolate) This continued about 8 to 9 weeks into the pregnancy and then I started to eat all those things again. carrot juice suddenly tasted the same as it had always tasted.

    And..guess what...the test after two weeks was POSITIVE!!!

    My fingers are SOOOOO crossed for you!!!

  4. Hey! On the 2WW too :) I have found loads of new blogs today via Hope. I like her shout outs lol

  5. Um, yeah, 3DPO I went to work and I was SO TIRED. Like, I had to use all of my power not to lay my head on the table and sleep in my classroom. I thought I was getting sick, even though everyone kept saying I was probably pregnant. I figured even if I was pregnant, there was no way I'd be getting signs so early. But the tiredness continued for several weeks and I didn't get any other "sick" symptoms. Just sore boobs. And a positive HPT...