Saturday, May 28, 2011

Not Much Happening

It seems like there was more to talk about, more to consider, more to fret over when we were just TTC vs now that S is pregnant.  Not much is happening around  here other than preparing for lots of visitors over the next month.  Right now my mom is on her way down from Oklahoma to visit for the weekend, which I’m sure will include lots and lots of shopping, because that is what she loves to do when she is in town.  Maybe this time she will buy some baby stuff.  The only nice thing about all of the people coming to visit, other than it will be nice to see them, is that they all know that S is pregnant so it’s not like we will have people staying in our house and trying to hide this or not talk about this.

So nothing to report.  Things are going along nicely here.  We had a little date night last night and ate a nice dinner and drank a bottle of sparkling grape juice out of our nice crystal glasses and watched a movie on Netflix.  S hasn’t been getting “morning” sickness really at all, just a little nauseous for a few minutes here and there, and other than that, all other symptoms have been mild.  A craving here and there, bigger boobs that are sore, a little bit of cramping, being tired, etc. but nothing that she hasn’t dealt with beautifully.

Now I just wish that time would go faster.  I want to do the fun end of pregnancy stuff, like set up the nursery, have a baby shower, feel the baby kick, see her/his little face profile on the ultrasound.  It can’t get here soon enough as far as I’m concerned!


  1. Oh my...I hated these feelings of "I wanna be pregnant for real (with a belly and everything)" Man, I was impatient and I really hope that time will go by very quickly. :D

  2. ...for you, of course. I meant, that time will go by very quickly for you guys.