Saturday, May 14, 2011

If you like it then you really should have peed on it.

I got a call from Liz today at work saying that she had something to tell me.  I assumed it was one of 2 things 1. something to do with pregnancy 2. something at the house was broken that she wanted me to take care of on my days off.  I have been testing every morning, but still all negatives.  So, when I did my test with my first urine of the day at 4:30 am this morning, it was negative, and I put it in the trash.  Our trash was kinda full, so it was sticking out a bit.  So, Liz calls to talk to me about the pregnancy test.  Little did I know that this whole time after I go to work, she has been pulling them out and taking them into the sunlight for further inspection.  The one from today has a very very light pink line in the sunlight.  How accurate that is, I do not know considering she did this after 5 hours of it sitting in the trash.  She however, is convinced it means I am preggie.  We shall know in the next few days.  I have my blood draw on Monday morning.  However, according to my mom, when she was pregnant, she got 1 last period and the blood draw was negative…huh.  Very confusing.  Either way, I am hoping for a positive soon because otherwise we need to get on trying again next time.  On another note, I am either pregnant or gearing up for a heinous period because I have been cramping all day.  I am guessing it is not my period because I don’t usually cramp without blood, but maybe it is.  We will know soo soon and I will keep all of you posted!


  1. I hope you're pregnant, but our negatives eventually got a little line after a couple hours. Very tricky. I'm still crossing my fingers!!!

  2. *fingers are crossed* Tomorrow's already Monday :D How long will you have to wait for the test results?

  3. I continued to have cramps like I was going to start my period up until week 6....don't worry.