Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby bloat

I feel so different.  It is strange to think that people won’t be able to spot a baby bump for months.  I do have what I call a baby bloat going on.  A little tiny pocket at the bottom of my stomach that is not normally there.  Everyone has been so excited for us thru all of this.  Of course we are beyond ourselves with joy, but it is nice that people in our lives feel the same way.
I feel so different, but only am on the inside.  Since I work at a spa, I always am afraid one of my intuitive therapists will figure it out.  I feel so different that I expect everyday for someone to walk up to me and go, “hey you’re totally pregnant!” To which I will coyly reply, “but I’m a lesbian!”  Liz says it will take a week before anyone figures out that the fact that I am a lesbian doesn’t really matter and I will buy myself some time.  I am having a tired night.  I could go to bed right now and it is only 8:30pm.  I feel like my whole world is different and not that many people know it.  It’s so fun being pregnant so far.  All day at work I just thought of how much I love Liz and how excited I am for my baby bloat!:)
I thought I would be bubble girl.  Afraid of losing the baby or someone hitting my stomach and that I would build a bubble around me because of it.  I actually feel fantastic.  This baby is building strong and I am full of happiness.  I got my results back about my thyroid also.  All good a 2.4 and 1.4.  Even better than before I was carrying a baby bunny (which we call it because i have been craving carrot juice).  Alright, I am rambling, but sometimes you just have to note the great feelings before the morning sickness sets in:)


  1. oh, how well I know these thoughts. On the one hand you are over the moon and wanna shout it out to the world and on the other hand you are horrified that within the first weeks something is going wrong. To be honest, I hated to wait till I actually showed. It is so weird. You wonder through the world - pregnant (about 4 or 5 months) and nobody knows it. Sometimes when I walk through town I look at the women passing me by and think: "Who of you is pregnant right now?" Weird, isn't it?

    Okay, that was a very long answer :D Take care of your precious load!!

    Oh, and would it be bad if people at work would know?

  2. I love the 'I'm a lesbian!' response, but for some reason I doubt it'll work--you're going to want to grin too much to pull it off! Carrot juice sounds like a nice pregnancy craving. :)

  3. I think I may need some carrot juice now

  4. dude, the carrot juice thing is sorta strange. i was hoping you would get what my mom did- craving for powdered donuts. i won't be stealing your carrot juice at least!