Friday, May 1, 2015

Cycle Cancelled, Boo

Well today our ultrasound appointment revealed that S had one bully follicle that soaked up all of the Follistim, leaving the others in the dust.  So after talking it over with our doctor we have decided to cancel the cycle.  The goal is to have at least two, if not three or four, follicles with the medications, so going ahead with just one would be a waste.  The nice thing is that they basically have the policy of if you have to cancel the cycle due to under or over stimulation they give you one "do-over" cycle for free that next month.  The really nice thing is that our doctor oddly enough cannot handle seeing someone cry and of course S was upset to have gone through taking the drugs only to have to cancel, so he is going to give us two "do-over" cycles if the same thing happens again next month, though hopefully it won't due to increaseing the Follistim.  And the Follistim did end up being a bit rough for her, lots of bloating, and feeling emotional, so she is not looking forward to doing that again, especially increasing it.  

While we were there they went ahead and gave her a trigger shot to get everything cleared out and onto the next cycle.  And after that we went out for a lovely dinner while grandma was at home with Jude.  Jude got a super cute haircut today so I leave you with his cute face.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ultrasound Egg Check

We went in this moring for a quick ultrasound to check S's progress with the drugs.  Everything appears right on track with one follicle measuring at 14, one at 12 and two around 10 (17 is considered mature).  Our nurse needs to consult with the doctor before calling us later today with the next steps but she guessed that he would have S take the Follistim shots for the next two days and then do another ultrasound on Friday.  If everything looks mature by Friday then possibly trigger and do IUIs Saturday/Sunday or Sunday/Monday.  Some pics of the growing follicles!
You can kind of see on these where the dark black spots are, those are the bigger follicles.
So now all they need to do is grow some more!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hooch and HootieHa

Today Jude told me that he wanted us to have two babies and that we should name them Hooch and HootieHa.  This kid cracks me up.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Day 4 Femara plus Follistim Shot

As stated in the title, today is day 4 of S taking Femara and additionally she did her first Follistim shot.  She still hasn't really had any side effects from the Femara,  today she felt a little bit moody and  hormonal, which we call feeling like "Period Girl" around here, but that's been it.  So not too bad.  Oh and I think she was a tiny bit crampy too.  Tonight she did her 75 unit shot of Follistim and she does another tomorrow before we go in on Wednesday for the ultrasound. That shot is a bit crazy.  We watched a video on how to do it, the same one the doctors office had her watch.  The shot comes with this weird shot pen thing that you have to clean and load and do the injection a certain way.  Nothing hard but a bit of a process.  She gave herself the shot while I was giving Jude a bath.  I don't think I could have given it to myself, even with the tiny needle, but it's what she wanted to do.  She reported afterwards that where she did it is a little sore but otherwise it was no big deal.  

So we will see on Wednesday how everything is looking.  We are hoping she will have two or three nice foliciles ready to become baby number 2.  Fingers crossed!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Day 1 of Femara and Swim Lessons

S went in for the ultrasound yesterday and it still showed her lining as being on the thicker side, though she did start bleeding more yesterday.  The doctor decided to go ahead and have her start the Femara yesterday.  So she has taken it one day and so far so good.  She said it gave her a bit of a sour stomach for about an hour after taking it but that's all.  We will go ahead and have the ultrasound on Wednesday so hopefully things will be on track.

Yesterday I also took our dogs to the vet as they have been throwing up for about a week on and off.  Our dog Emma is fine but our pug Pedro they think has a liver infection.  Poor guy isn't doing well.  He is on two antibiotics and some anti nasua pills and gets his liver levels tested again in a week.  Hopefully the meds will help him and it doesn't turn out to be anything more serious.  You can tell he still doesn't feel well but he at least ate twice yesterday and kept it down so that's a step in the right direction.

This morning Jude has his first swim lesson!  Texas is full of pools and we love to go swimming so it's important to me that he learns how to swim plus we already loves the water.  He did really well today and we were so proud of how well he listened to his teacher and tired to do everything she asked,  here are some cute pics from this morning.
Isn't he soooo cute??

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Plan

S went in this morning for her cycle day 3 ultrasound and to get the info/drugs for this months attempt.  I wasn't able to go this time, I had a CT scan scheduled for the exact same time that I had to go to.  It sounds like I missed a bunch of info!  But we have a plan and I'm excited.  Today during the ultrasound S's lining was on the thick side as she has had a light period, so they have her scheduled to come in tomorrow morning to check it again unless she has a heavy flow today.  Hopefully things will be all good and she can start taking the Femara tomorrow evening. They have her taking 5mg cycle days 4-8, so for five days with a 75 lu of Follistim injection on day 7 and 8.  Then she is supposed to have an ultrasound on the 29th, cycle day 9, to see how things have progressed.  Fingers crossed everything will be right on track and then we will get instructions on when to do the trigger shot and when to schedule the IUIs.  Crazy!

During the visit they showed her a video of how to do the injections, sounds sort of complicated.  After my hysterectomy S had to give me daily injections for like two weeks, I can't remember what it was for, and it wasn't too bad so we have some experience with it.  All the same I'm not looking forward to having to give her those shots.  

Anyone reading ever use Femara?  Any stories to share?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Let's Get This Party Started

S started her cycle today which means we are on day 1 of trying to concieve!  This month has crawled by, waiting for things to get moving again.  We are still appealing the decision of our insurance to deny our already approved coverage, so no news on that front.  So we are going to pay whatever we owe the fertility clinic if they can ever figure out how much that should be and we are going to go ahead totally out of pocket at this point, which is fine.  So S goes in for a baseline ultrasound on Thursday which I will unfortunately have to miss due to having a CT scan that same morning (normal post Cancer monitoring CT scan so nothing new there).  When she goes in I'm guessing they will give her the Femara/Femara perscription along with whatever else she needs and instructions on exactly what we need to be doing drug wise.  I know it's not going to be fun for her to be taking all of this stuff but we are still excited to be doing this.  Excited that this might work and be the try that we get our BFP.  They say third try is the charm, right?  That's a thing.  So fingers crossed and all that jazz!