Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Potty Training Continued

Well we are a week into potty training and I have to say it's going well.  On the first day I used a pull up once only to realize that Jude can pee in them just like a diaper with us none the wiser, so those are out and it's 100% underware if he is awake.  The first few days were lots of accidents, but. It nearly as many as I expected.  He fought with us about it and threw fits about not wanting to sit on the potty, which was frustrating.  But now a week later he is pretty good about it and hardly ever throws over it.  Yesterday he didn't poop, so he had 0 accidents!  And over the last two or three days the only accidents he has had have been pooping.  So he still hasn't pooped in the potty, but hopefully that will come with time.  We tried to bribe him by saying he would get a new car if he pooped in the potty but it didn't work despite how he tried.  I think he just doesn't quite understand how the pooping thing works yet.  He also isn't telling us when he needs to go, we just take him every 30-40 minutes.  Again, I'm hoping soon he starts telling us he needs to go.  I have a pretty cute picture of him sitting on the potty but I don't think he'd ever forgive me for putting that on the internet, so I'll save it for future girlfriends, haha.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Potty Time

Jude I think is finally ready to take the plunge into potty training.  For the last several weeks he has been telling us if he has pooped and has been pretty obsessed with talking about people pooping.  He will also on occasion tell us when he is wet.  We tried potty training a few months ago, but after a day or two it was clear that he wasn't ready.  So we layed off and now as of yesterday afternoon are back on the potty train.  We would have started a little sooner but we had a vacation to Oklahoma last week to visit family and friends and meet our new adorable nephew.  It was a wonderful visit and so getting back to real life plus potty training has been a bit rough.

But so far the training is going well.  Yesterday we started after his nap because he had "school" that morning.  He peed in the potty three times and had no accidents and was in underware all afternoon/evening.  We are going to keep doing diapers at bedtime till he seems ready for that.  Then this morning so far he has peed in the potty four times and is in underware, no accidents yet.  We are giving him one fruit snack for every success as he is crazy for them and no longer normally gets them due to his obsession.  I'm worried about him pooping, but oh well, he will learn.  He isn't always happy about going to sit on the potty, he cries and throws a tiny fit most of the time, but he quickly calms down and does the deed.  Fingers crossed for success!  And any tips or encouragement accepted! 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Mr. Cute Stuff

Jude is being so cute these days and talking up a storm!  Remember how I was taking him into a speech therapist to get evaluated?  Well he came back within the normal range so no speech therapy for him and ever since he has been talking non stop!  A short list, mostly for my own memory of what he has been doing to amuse us:
-he loves cars, but for some odd reason he calls them "guys"
-if you are holding him and he wants your ful attention he will use his hand to turn your face so you are looking at him while he goes "mom, mom"
-he is crazy crazy crazy for our new roommate Thatcher, whose name he can say just fine but for some reason about half the time he calls him "owa"
- he likes to play a game we call snakes and monsters, where he makes snake or monster sounds and points to the invisible snake or monster in the room and we run away to escape
- he is obsessed with bugs and really hates them.  If he sees one anywhere it must be picked up and thrown away right then
- he is crazy for fruit snacks to the point where I don't buy them anymore because it's all he wants to eat.  He calls them "nacks"
- for my birthday my mom brought me a copy of a book I loved as a little girl called Annie and the Mud Monster.  It's super cute and Jude always wants us to read it when we do books before bedtime, but about half way through he gets scared (it's totally not scary) and has us stop.  It's cute.
 And a cute picture of my babies to finish the post with

Sunday, June 1, 2014

not quite ready

I came to the conclusion the other night I am not quite ready to try for a second baby quite yet. Jude woke up from a weird dream around 11pm the other night and I jumped up to comfort him. It is the only time I am excited he wakes up in the night. When he makes up that shortly after falling asleep, he is so sleepy that if I go in there he is a little cuddle bug and I can comfort him and pat his little head and watch him sleep for a minute before I step out of the room. Sleeping children look like little angels. So innocent. It always reminds me of how much he needs me and liz and how much he relies on us. The screaming mama as he falls asleep is because he loves us so much he does not want to be apart. Not because he is trying to make me crazy angry, but because he would prefer to keep us around always.

It just hit me in that moment. I am not ready. I am not ready to be pregnant. I am not ready to spend the next 9 months feeling nauseous and exhausted.  Then the next 6 months struggling with a newborn and a toddler and just trying to get by.  We have had a rough couple of years and everything right now is soooo good. I want to just live in this moment with my family of 3 before we are on to the next big thing.

I still think we are going to be a family of 4 but right now, I want to soak up my only 1 kid time. To try to truly enjoy every minute of my time with my son and wife and how very happy we are right now.

I am working on two major thing right now. Patience and living in the moment. Both of those things are super hard for me as a go go go onto the next big thing kind of girl. But, both are important for me and I am proud of myself for being able to pull back right now and say, "this is where I want to be for now. Right here with my loves."

I feel a little guilty, but overall, relieved.  Liz is totally on board and thinks we reconsider in 6 months how we feel and go from there. She is the best and when I was upset and told her I wanted to wait, I asked her if she was disappointed and she said, "no baby. This is something we should both want right now if we are going to do it and when the time is right, we will both know it and do it."  What a sweetheart:). Then, she promptly started planning a vacation. So I think we are to grab some of our besties and try to go on a mini vacation. Because where can you live in the moment better than at the beach with the people you love?

Sunday, May 25, 2014

TTC 2.0!

We are officially back in the trying to conceive game and I am so excited!  Nothing has happened yet, but we have made the decision to start trying in probably August or September.  Today at the grocery store we bought a pack of OPKs and it just made it seem really real.  I have such baby fever and it seems like everyone is either pregnant or has a new baby, which is making me crazy!  

From the few people we have mentioned it to (and if you know us IRL or Facebook please don't mention it), we have gotten a lot of questions on of we will use the same donor again.  And we will if we can, but our donor only has a limited number of samples left and they are only for siblings, so I feel like it could go either way.  We will just have to see, though I think our fertility doctor will store it for us for free, so in that case we will jump on it.  If not, we are going to just cross our fingers.  It's just not that important to us that Jude and his sibling be fully genetically related.  

So we will keep you posted on it all, S meets soon with the fertility doctor and we will get this show on the road!  It's going to be so different this time around with Jude around and having a little more experience with the whole thing.

Friday, May 16, 2014

License to Ill

Going to mommys day out twice a week and to the Y almost daily means that Jude has been exposed to lots of germs lately.  And of course as a result he has been getting sick a ton and so have we.  This week was the second time in three weeks that he was sick.  Mostly high fever, snotty, coughing, the classic cold.  But there has been some puking.  And it's kind of been a running joke with S and I that even though I'm the stay at home mom, she is always the one getting puked on.  I always seem to dodge the bullet.  On Wednesday Jude seemed particularly sick so S decided to work from home to help me out a bit as I wasn't feeling very good either.  S was working on her computer at the desk in our room and Jude and I were cuddling on our bed as he was really sleepy.  I realized it was time for more medicine but I wanted to take his temperature first.  So I ran downstairs to get the thermometer and Starr hopped into our bed for a minute to cuddle.  And just as I reach the bottom stair I hear S shout and run across the floor.  Sure enough when I get back upstairs not even two whole minutes later, he had puked all over her.  When I walked in she was holding him standing in the tub as he wasn't finished yet and all either of us could do was laugh as once again, I avoided the puke.

But yesterday my two year vomit free streak ended and while S was at work, I got puked on.  Though I'm sure if she had been here it would have somehow been her.  Seems like the little dude is feeling better now, thank goodness.

Friday, April 25, 2014

It's Getting Better

Thanks for your thoughts on the Jude sleep issue.  Things have been going a bit better, 8pm seems like a good bedtime and I've been trying to up him down earlier for naps and wake him up if he is napping too late.  We have also made a more solid bedtime routine and have a plan as far as what to do when he is crying and not wanting to go to bed.  It's still a struggle, but I'm hoping it will get better and better.
 A quick cute Jude pic

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