Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Stuck in Babyland

Hello?  Anyone out there?  
It's been forever but we are still here, doing good.  Noah continues to be a wonderful baby who brings us so much joy.  He's easy, sleeps well, and is always in a good mood.  He also puts up wonderfully with the overly enthusiastic attention of his older brother.  Jude is an awesome big brother and these two couldn't love each other more!  

Jude is 5 now and Noah is 5 months, getting close to 6 months!  It's flown by, for sure.

Happy news, last week we completed my second parent adoption for Noah!

Us together beforehand.
Cutest. Baby. Ever.

With the judge.
Boys together.  I'll try to update again, but blogger and my iPad seem to hate each other these days.  Anyone else having that issue?

Friday, October 28, 2016

2 Weeks Old

Ok so blogger is still being annoying and life is busy with two kids so just some quick pics and updates.

In the hospital

In the going home outfit that I wore as a baby along with my two brothers, Jude and my nephew.

He makes this face a lot. Lol

Time is flying!

Sneak peak of his newborn pics a friend of mine did.

Jude just loves him, won't leave him alone 

Pumpkin patch! 

Two weeks! 

Over all he seems to be an easy baby and the adjustment is going so much better than I ever thought it would! More soon!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Noah's Here!

We went in on Tuesday and had Noah!  I'm having a super hard time with the Blogger app shutting down right now so I'll have to blog more when we are home with the laptop.
He ended up being 8lbs 7oz and 21 inches.  Moms and baby are all super healthy and doing great!  We are so in love!!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

37 Weeks- 9 days to go!

I can't believe Noah will be here in 9 days! So super crazy!  S's last day of work was on Friday so she is officially on maternity leave.  It's nice she gets a little down time/family time beforehand.  She is feeling pretty tired and has been having a hard time sleeping because of allergies.  

I think we are pretty much ready for the little dude, just need to do a few last things, install the car seat, pack my hospital bag, maybe make some freezer meals for when we come home.  I can't wait!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

36 Weeks

A bit late this time, already into the next week!  Time is both flying by and moving so slowly.  Only 2 weeks till Noah! And S only has 3 more days of work before maternity leave! Crazy!

Monday, September 19, 2016

35 Weeks

S's work had a baby shower for her and we got 865 diapers and 576 wipes plus a gift card.  Pretty awesome!  We use cloth diapers but I know we will be happy to use these as well.
Also this weekend my grandma passed away.  She was 96 years old and lived a long great life.  I'm flying out Wednesday-Sunday for the funeral, so I'm crossing my fingers that this baby isn't early!