Monday, May 9, 2011

What to think

When I was first inseminated, I felt all those signs and was just sure I was preggie.  Now, I am not so sure. I am confused.  I don’t feel preggie anymore, more like PMS is on setting.  The weird part is that it could totally mean that I am preggie, or it could be PMS.  I will take the first test on Wednesday.  I am nervous.  I will be upset if it is negative, but still feel the true test will be on next Monday.  I guess I either will start my period or I will have not.  Either way, I am feeling anxious and not as sure as I have been thru this whole journey.
On another note, my allergies have been CRAZY!  If I am not drugged, I am coughing non-stop.  It has been awful and it is really upsetting to take medication right now.  I was taking Sudafed because that is what the Dr. recommended, but then another Dr. says don’t take it during the first Trimester.  Then I read it has been linked to the intestines developing on the outside of the fetus body.  What kind of thing is that to say!  My co-worker would like to know what study they discovered that in!  So, I switched to Benadryl.  It makes me feel sleepy and loopy, but if it’s safer for the possible baby, then I am down!
If I am preggie, the baby is the size of a poppyseed.  That is exciting.
On another plus note, Liz is roasting and chicken and making Yorkshire pudding and mashed potatoes with parsnips in them.  Yum!  I just sampled her gravy and holy cow, de-lish!!


  1. best of luck to you! I know how the 2ww feels :(

  2. MMmmMMmmMMm L's cooking *drools*

    On another note, I HATE when you're not sure if your mind is effin with you or not. You think for a minute... maybe THIS MEANS SOMETHING... then, if ur like me, u turn around the next second and decide ur being crazy.
    It's a whirlwind.
    I'm sorry u guys have to wait, especially since it isn't like x-mas-which is for sure coming... however, I feel very confident that S is gonna be a one hit wonder, but if she isn't... it won't take too long. You guys are pretty awesome.. so it's bound to happen!
    Can't wait for the party!

  3. I am 4 DPO today and had to stop myself taking a test!!! Crazy mind altering process this is :)
    Stay positive, I think it helps!

  4. My fingers are still crossed!!!

  5. PUPO!! No Sudafed, that's what our pharmacist said. Idk about Benadryl.

  6. Ugh--it's the worst, isn't it? Especially on top of allergy season! FX for good news soon!

  7. The 11th is FINALLY here. *wait wait wait*