Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Malt Vinegar is...Delicious?

As a person who has never been pregnant nor have I ever really been around anyone I was close to while they were pregnant, I am surprised by how different S already seems to be.  It’s been less than 6 weeks and already, you can tell that her hormones are racing.  Her cravings are weird.  She is off the carrot juice kick and is now crazy, and by crazy I do mean CRAZY, for malt vinegar.  Gross, so very gross and weird.  On Sunday we went and saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean in 3D, which we enjoyed, at a movie theater here called the Alamo were you can have drinks and food brought to you while you watch a movie.  It’s awesome.  Anyway, much to my surprise, instead of ordering her normal sandwich or pizza, S gets fish and chips and then pours pretty much half a bottle of malt vinegar over the whole thing.  Later she confessed that when she finished her glass of water and there was just ice in the cup she seriously considered for at least 30 seconds pouring malt vinegar in her cup and drinking it straight.  Yesterday, on her way home from work she went far out of her way to stop at a Long John Silver’s and get fish and chips again and delighted in covering it in malt vinegar, and if you were wondering, apparently Long John Silver’s has the best malt vinegar ever.  Not that you were wondering.  Now keep in mind that this is from a girl who in almost 9 years I have only seen eat fish once, and that was in Maui on our honeymoon at fancy restaurants.  And how does Long John Silver’s say in business anyway?  I swear I haven’t eaten there in over 10 years, though I’m guessing if this craving continues it might be in my future.

Another pregnancy related thing is that I have never seen S so tired.  Yesterday after work we were laying in bed together talking when I get up to make a phone call.  From the kitchen and in less than 5 minutes, literally, I can hear her snoring, she passed out that quick.  But she has been working a lot so that might be part of it.

Tonight we are having two of our friends over tonight for dinner to tell them the good news.  They don’t know that we were even thinking about trying to do this, so it will be really fun to tell them.  I think that they will be very excited and surprised.  I can’t wait to tell them!


  1. 1) I like vinegar on French fries. 2) ewwww Long John Silvers! 3) Have fun telling your friends!

  2. Fish and chips sound good! Without the vinegar tho. Have fun telling your friends. It feels so good to get an excited reaction!

  3. I thought pregnant women weren't supposed to eat a lot of fish??? Anyways, yuck malt vinegar but YAY for telling friends!!! Let us know how it goes!!!

  4. maybe you're having a british baby haha...d and the boys love to pour that stuff on fish and chips too...yuck!....how did k & k take the news?....

  5. hum... i actually love malt vinegar. no baby excuse for my love though. i'll totally hit up long john with her and save you a trip, L