Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Second Beta Coming Soon

So S went in this morning for her second round of blood work.  We should know sometime after 2:30 what the second beta ends up being.  Monday’s ended up being 60.5, so we are hoping for something over 120 today.  We think that S ovulated late and that she probably didn’t actually get pregnant until May 4th or 5th, so that’s why the low first beta.  Also S has been having lots of cramping and the doctor assured her that it is normal.  Other than the cramping, not too many pregnancy symptoms, she has been craving carrot juice (gross) and has been tired, but I think that is about it.  Oh and there was lots of crying yesterday, but last night’s Glee was an especially sad episode, I cried too, and most of the other crying was at How I Met Your Mother, which is one of our favorite shows, at a happy moment in that show. 

Oh and if you were wondering how S is over 4 weeks pregnant when we only inseminated a little over two weeks ago, it’s because they start counting from the first day of your last period.  So it’s like we get bonus weeks.  J  And as far as the gender is concerned, I want a girl and S wants a boy.  Last week S told me that she just knew she was pregnant and that she was pregnant with a girl, but I don’t know how sure she is about that anymore.  I think that we will end up with a boy, so the last day or two all of my Amazon wish list baby shopping has been for nursery stuff that could go either way, but is probably a little more boyish. 

Yesterday we went to Barnes and Noble to look at pregnancy magazines and books and could only find one magazine, which wasn’t that great.  But we did find a super cute pregnancy journal, I think it’s called The Belly Book.  So now S can record her craving and thoughts and whatnot.  Fun stuff.  I wish there was more that we could be doing right now, but it’s just too early.  If only time would go faster!
Now come on doctor, call with the second beta!


  1. Waiting for that second beta is so hard!

  2. Hey Liz, G my wife had lots of cramps too before and after confirmed pregnancy. We are now going on week 9 and she gets cramps here and that's normal. She also has no morning sickness whatsoever which we were worried about but I guess it's a blessing. Wishing you guys the best during all this waiting.

  3. Oh, I love "The Belly Book". Look, I use it too:

    "What to expect when you are expecting" is also a great book.