Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ultrasound Number 2!

S went this morning to the RE for her second ultrasound this morning.  Unfortunately due to work, I couldn't go.  But according to our doc, everything is progressing perfectly.  They were able to see the baby this time and not just the sack!  The baby is what is being measured with the blueish/greenish dotted line in the picture below and then the rest is the gestational sack.  They were able to see the heart beat and it won't be long before we can hear it too!  Also, according to our doc, now that we have seen that the heart is beating we have a 95% chance of the pregnancy going to term, which is such a relief!  So, may I present to you the baby's second picture:
Isn't it the cutest little bean you ever did see?


  1. ack! look at that cute baby! congrats!!

  2. Congrats, congrats!!! Hellooo baby!!!

  3. yay for baby pictures!!! Never too soon to start that scrapbook... ;-)

  4. Just wanted to share that our baby is a fetus now...just felt like spreading the news! : )