Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meltdown #1

I had my first meltdown last night.  I have been feeling moody, but no major meltdowns until last night.  I was changing clothes and feel like I am already showing!  I freaked out.  Liz was talking about taking pictures of my belly earlier in the evening.  My body is already changing.  I know I am not really showing, but I am bloated and my whole front torso is softer than usual.  I just started crying hysterically in frustration.  Liz on the other hand thinks it’s great.  I kept repeating that I look pregnant and she kept saying, well you are pregnant!  I should not look like it yet!  I have been eating healthy, but I have not been exercising.  I am hoping that the second trimester gives me my energy back and I can start walking or swimming again.  I have a luscious heated (not too hot) lap pool that I was swimming in after work for a while.  I bet once I really do start showing, it will feel really nice to feel weightless in the water.   I am not really upset about it today, but was dramatically upset about my changing body last night.  Liz pulled up message boards about all kinds of people on week 7 that feel like they are already showing or that their work clothes feel different.
On another note, I have felt slightly nauseous all day.  I have been feeling sick a little here and there, but today I have not felt that great all day.  I am so thankful for ginger ale:)  I am still exhausted but have the next 7 days off work!!!!!  My best friend is coming in from Oklahoma with her fiance.  I am so excited!!  Only day 1 of vacation and I am enjoying it.  I got up at 7 and then napped for a few hours in the afternoon.  It was very nice.  I have a drs. appointment tomorrow where I should be able to see the glimmer of the baby’s heartbeat.  So exciting!!  I will post pics tomorrow.


  1. Hope is already in maternity clothes. I know it can be hard to watch your body change when I had always been so wary with weight and stuff.

    Yay you're pregnant!! :D

  2. I hope you feel better soon...I think the fact that you're showing even if it's bloating is awesome..then again my wife is the one carrying right now and think she would not agree with me..I mean well. Just like Liz I'm just happy we're pregnant. I will be following your story..lots of luck!