Sunday, June 12, 2011


I need to be cleaning right now, but I am having a hard time getting moving today.  My dad and his wife are on their way to town for a quick over night visit.  They were in Houston for a wedding and are driving up to Austin to say hi.  I’m excited to see them, but I wish I had managed to clean the house yesterday.  I was pretty worthless yesterday.  I had a fun vodka drinking night with one of my BFFs on Friday and thus Saturday was a waste of sleeping and being lazy.

In other news, S and I both also have Monday and Tuesday off together.  S has an appointment with our new OB that we graduated to Monday morning.  They should be doing an ultrasound so I’ll get to see the little baby for the first time. I’m really excited!  Luckily the appointment is early the morning so hopefully my Dad and his wife just sleep right though it and then we can spend the day together.

On Tuesday S and I have big plans to make some headway on the nursery.  We had previously started cleaning the room out (it was a unused office before) and on Tuesday we are going to finish that task, buy a new ceiling fan/light and get a few paint samples to put on the wall.  I know it’s a bit early to really do much of anything to the room, but I’m just too excited not to.  Also, we don’t know if its going to be a boy or a girl yet, so I’m going to keep everything neutral for now.  The color I’m leaning towards right now is a light sort of aqua.  For a boy it can be paired with greens and browns and for a girl I want to pair it with corals and yellows.  Pretty either way.  Any of you other January due mamas started working on your nursery yet?
Happy Sunday!  I’d better get cleaning!

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  1. We have our crib and dresser and we are painting the whole house. It's too exciting to wait!