Friday, June 24, 2011

A B C Easy as 1 2 3!

I started my first nursery craft this week, my wall of letters.  I’ve seen a few nurserys that have alphabet letters up on a wall, all painted/crafted differently and it is so cute.  Here are three amazing examples for you to feast your eyes on:

And because I’m a crafty girl, I decided to make a wall of my own.  The best part about my wall though is that my crafty artist friends are all helping!  I sent out a message to about 10 of my artist friends asking them to pick a letter or two and everyone jumped on the chance.  S and I are of course making a few ourselves- S is making the S and U and I’m making E, F, H, W, N, and V.  And then our wonderful helpful friends are making the rest!  We went to Hobby Lobby and Target and got a few of our letters to get started on.  So far it has been lots of fun.  I’m hoping to also make a few of my letters out of alternative materials- for example I’m thinking of making the V out of two rulers or something like that.  And I know one of my great friends who is a sculptor is going to be making her letters from scratch using wire and fabric, which I’m very excited about!  I’ll be sure to post lots of pictures as letters get finished and once the wall is up.

In other news, we have a busy busy weekend ahead of us!  Tonight we are going to a going away party for some good friends and then tomorrow night we are going to a 30th birthday party for another dear friend.  And one of S’s friends is coming into town for the weekend and staying with us to go to the birthday party.  It’s going to be fun but I’m worried about poor S being able to stay awake and make it through all of these activities when she is used to going to bed these days at 8 ish.  Also, hopefully her morning/all the time sickness won’t be too bad and keep her at home.  After all, she is currently the best designated drive ever J. 


  1. Whenever I see alphabets like this in nursery photos, I swoon a little. SO. CUTE! Can't wait to see how yours will turn out! :)