Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ultrasound #3 and The Baby Whisperer

Baby, baby, baby, that is all that is on my mind right now.  It was pretty amazing going to S’s doctor appointment on Monday.  Seeing the little dude on the ultrasound, and having it actually look sort of baby shaped was cool, but hearing the heart beat was amazing.  The picture that we got sent home with isn’t great, and isn’t nearly as clear as the ultrasound pictures we got from our RE, but I think you can still get the idea.  On the actual screen S and I could both tell without being told which end was the head and which end was the “rump” as they like to call it and we could see the arm and leg buds waving around.  I think we could even see a bit of a profile, but that might have been more of us seeing what we think we should be seeing rather than what was there if you know what I mean.  

In other baby news, our work on the nursery continues.  We were supposed to get it cleared out yesterday, but alas, S felt too sick and I felt too lazy to get anything done.  We did however get a new fan/light fixture and get a few paint samples to put up on the wall.  Right now we are talking about painting the room either an aqua color or a gray.  I love the idea of doing a gray, it really makes the other colors pop, but I think to pull it off, we would need to get a white crib, and S wants something cherry wood.  I think cherry wood would end up being too dark.  And if we did go the direction of a white crib, then we’d probably have to take back the cherry wood colored fan and get something white instead.  Decisions, decisions.  Here is an example of what the gray would look like, in case it sounded totally awful to you.

And lastly, I am getting more and more convinced we are having a girl.  I’ve had two dreams now about the baby and in both dreams we had a girl.  Also, my dad and his wife were visiting us this weekend (and while they were here my dad got us a 42 inch plasma TV!!) my dad told us that he thinks we are having a girl.  My dad is the baby whisperer, apparently, he correctly predicted me and both of my brother’s gender correctly (my mom was wrong all 3 times) and again he correctly predicted a co-worker’s child as well.  So maybe he is correct?  Only time will tell.


  1. Awwww to the ultrasound! So cute! Just to throw in my 2 cents, We got a cherry wood crib with our little one and it was gorgeous, BUT, I will say this, 18 months (and a robust toddler later) it sort of shows every knick and bump it has gotten and this is a high end crib so I am pretty sure it is the color that shows them off so much.

  2. The grey is awesome. Now, I'm considering it, too...

  3. Love the idea of gray! And so glad everything is moving along well. I've been looking at cribs online a lot and also like the cherry wood, but I agree white would go better with gray walls. Decisions decisions indeed :-)

  4. s told me about the grey yesterday. the pic really puts it in perspective. looks great!