Monday, June 6, 2011

Proper nutrition= eat something

Today was not a great feeling day for me and baby.  All kinds of things seem inedible to me today.  I mostly ate toast all day and then finally got something else in my stomach later on only to throw it up again.  This baby seems to be able to only handle toast, pizza and red meat at this time.  Weird.  Not really nutritious, but at least I am keeping something down.  I am hoping the next trimester brings better feelings back and I get to shower my baby with fruits and veggies and swim in the heated lap pool after work.  Right now, I am just eating what doesn’t offend me just thinking about it and sleeping every chance I get!  The things that are constant no thank yous are eggs and milk.  However at any given moment, I can be offended by all things except one choice item.  For part of the day today it was blueberry muffins.  Even crackers made me turn away, but blueberry muffin, de-lish!  It is so strange!
On a happier note we had a great time with our visitors.  It was not a very adventurous trip, but we had a very awesome, delicious and relaxing trip.  We mostly ate yummy things and played on the Wii.  It was a blast.  Liz and I decided that for our 3 year wedding anniversary tomorrow we will purchase Mario Party and hang out at the house.  She is going to overcook some little pieces of steak for me and we will play on the Wii.  Once again, not adventurous, but it sounds really nice right now!

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