Friday, June 3, 2011

So very pregnant!

I threw up for the first time today.  I woke up and felt great.  Ate some breakfast and started to feel nauseous, but nothing major.  Then it attacked me and I went into the bathroom and threw up.  I felt better once I did, but then felt nauseous later too.   Sheesh!  I went ahead and filled the prescriptions that the Dr. gave me yesterday for nausea.  I was very happy to have them today after yesterday being so skeptical:)  We also went and bought some maternity clothes today.  I know it is a little early, but my work pants are already a little tight and I want to start rotating them in so that it is not obvious when I start to show and am trying to hide it from work.  I showed Liz my baby bump and she said that it may be hard to hide since it is higher than if I was gaining weight.  We shall see!  I feel extra preggie today since I got some clothes and have felt both sick and moody all day.  Fortunately our visitors are very accommodating and we plan stuff around how I am feeling.
Liz thinks all the sickness is so great!  It’s kinda cute and kinda annoying when I don’t feel great.  Either way, she is being sweet and taking good care of me.  I am very excited to feel so pregnant, but sometimes it doesn’t feel so great!:)


  1. Oh being sick stinks. All the people at our clinic "yay'd" when I said I feel terrible. Cute but annoying :)

  2. Yeah, there's just nothing good about feeling sick, even when you know it's in service to a healthy baby. The good thing is it won't last forever. I learned to embrace throwing up, knowing I'd feel better after. Glad you're being taken well care of!