Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I feel great! Oh crap!

I have felt awful everyday for weeks.  I described it to someone as waking up hung over everyday of your life.  You’re tired, sick to your stomach, and have a slight headache.  It has been crappy and I have been wishing the awful feeling away.  Then today, I feel great!  That scared the hell out of me!  Plus, I fit into my jeans.  They have been tight for weeks which means I don’t have a baby belly currently either!  I have been freaking out all morning, just sure I was no longer pregnant.  I called the Dr. and talked to the triage nurse and she assured me unless there is bleeding and cramping that everything is fine.  I am so glad I switched to this Dr. The last one took a week to get back to me about anything and this one answers the phone when you call!  Just her saying that was such a relief.  She said it like every preggie woman has called her about the same problem, so I feel so much better about it.

My emotions are all over the place this week.  I am not surprised all of this freaked me out, because I have spent the last week worried about every thing.  Money, my job, the baby, parents coming to visit when the baby is here, etc. (yeah, I am jumping the gun on all of it) I read up on this week and the main thing it said is there will be some major mood swings.  Yikes, watch out Liz:)  Fortunatly, Liz does not have a worried bone in her body, so none of any of this has fazed her AT ALL.  She is currently setting the date for the baby shower and I am panicked that we should wait until I am 12 weeks along!  That is how we are though.  I worry enough for the both of us and Liz thinks of all the fun things;)

On another note, I have made all the organs and am now working on bones and cartilage.  My aversion to milk has suddenly gone away, so I should be calcium filled for the process.   Not being sick to my stomach means that I just ate a big slice of lasagna and am hoping to not get crazy sick to my stomach after eating it.  Maybe this feeling good is not so bad;)  I have 2 blood draws today and my poor little arm just quit bruising from the last 2.  I feel like Drs. are suddenly vampires, they all want my blood all the time:)  At least it means my thyroid and hormone levels are going to be checked.  Here’s hoping everything is fine!

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