Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The good and the nauseous

Let’s start with the good:  Yesterday Liz went to the Dr. appointment with me and saw the baby for the first time.  We even got to hear the heartbeat!  It was pretty amazing.  The baby looks like a baby now.  On one of the sites I go to it said the baby is a fetus this week.  I am unsure of what makes it such, but very exciting!!  The little heartbeat is beating 162 times per minute!  Go baby go!

The nauseous:  Self explanatory.  The good part is that for the past 3 days, I have been able to eat and hold down one normal meal.  I have been eating little tiny meals all day long because otherwise I don’t feel very good, but the past few days, I ate at least one normal sized meal a day!  I even ate a bowl of fruit and drank some juice, so I am coming along!  The Dr. yesterday said that my hormones won’t peak for another 2 weeks…I AM GOING TO FEEL WORSE THAN THIS…AHHHH!  Okay, I’m better now.  I keep telling myself that it is all worth it and honestly, I would take baby nausea over food poisoning any day, but when you are hugging the porcelain god, it is hard to keep that perspective.

All and all, things are going well here.  We are still elated by seeing the baby and hearing the heartbeat. (I will have Liz post the pic for you guys once she is out of bed.)  My next appointment is not for 4 weeks, which seems like a long time, but everyone does it this way:)

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