Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 is Here! (But Jude isn't)

     I can’t believe it is 2012 already.  This year has flown by.  But I think that these next few weeks as we wait for our little dude to make his way into the world will crawl by.  We are just so excited to meet him!

     We had a great New Years Eve.  One of my BFFs and her husband threw a great party that we went to.  The little lady worked the next morning at 8, so she didn’t stay too long (plus being 9 months pregnant keeps your partying at a minimum) so she went home around 10:30 and like the sweet wife that she is, she came back to the party to pick me up around 2.  Luckily we only live about 1 mile away, so it wasn’t too far.  We had so much fun.  Almost all of our favorite people were there, the house looked beautiful, there was a lovely fire in the fire pit, the spread of food was amazing, and everyone looked great.  At the party we had a great white elephant gift exchange, an awesome 2011 trivia game (my team won by the way) and we played a really fun game called Cards Against Humanity, which is sort of like a dirty version of Apples to Apples.  Throughout the night everyone wrote down their resolution and then at midnight the resolution cards were all tied onto balloons that we released into the night.  It was really cool and I think possibly a new tradition for us.  We had 2-3 extra balloons that we just wrote nice messages on the cards for the people that will find them, stuff like “Everything is going to be ok” and “You are beautiful”.  It was a great idea.  Now a few pictures to feast your eyes upon.  
S and I at the party
Me looking festive
S's New Years Bump

     In other news, no baby yet.  Another one of my Oklahoma friends who was due in January had her baby last night.  That makes for 3 out of the 4 pregnant people I know who were due in January.  I know it’s still a little bit early for Jude to come out, but we have somehow convinced ourselves that it will happen on Thursday.  S normally is pretty intuitive, but we will see.  Her last guess was the 15th so maybe she was just right about the 5 part.  Either way, I think we will be eating lots of spicy food and taking some long walks these next few days!


  1. You two are the picture of ready-mamas! Thanks so much for posting a couple photo; I LOVE it! Now I can easily picture you both with perfect Jude in your arms. Wouldn't it be something if these boys of ours came at the same time?!? Lots of love and strength to you in this final stretch; I just know that you're both going to be amazing! R.

  2. You two look great! And I cannot believe that she got up at 2 to come and fetch you--I love my wife, but not that much! Come on, Jude!