Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Still....No Baby

       I’m back at work today after taking two days of sick time for my back.  And while my back is still sore and sitting here in this uncomfortable chair isn’t helping, I’m so grateful that baby Jude hasn’t come yet.  I mean, he can come any time now (Seriously, Jude, let’s get this show on the road), but I was really really scared on Sunday night when my back was at its worst that he would come.  And that I wouldn’t be physically able to be there with my wife, that I wouldn’t be able to help her and see my son born.  Because that is how bad it was that night, I couldn’t get up out of bed pretty much at all.  I hate having a bad back and this was the worst time for it to act up.  But thankfully S didn’t go into labor that night and I’m slowly getting better.  

I’m also glad that S didn’t go into labor last night.  We had a crazy thunderstorm last night that woke us up from bed around 2:45.  The lightning was so constant and bright that our room seemed to glow and the house was shaking from all of the thunder.  S and I went into the living room to see if the dogs were ok and to look out the windows and the rain was coming down so hard.  S said, “This is the closest I have ever been to being in a hurricane.”  And it really was.  And it would have been terrifying to try to drive to the hospital in that weather.  Austin has been really dry and we need all of the rain we can get, so I hope it continues.  

The nice part though about having my back go out is that S and I got to spend the last 4 days together.  In a normal month our schedules don’t mesh up very much and so it’s pretty common that we only have 1-2 days off together in a month’s time.  So four whole days off together is very uncommon.  So even though we mostly spent the last two days in bed watching movies or on the couch watching movies, it was really nice.  I feel like during this waiting time it’s important to take naps, smile lovingly at each other, eat good food, take long showers, and relax over all as much as possible.  And so we did.

Today S has a doctor’s appointment where we will possibly have a few tests done to make sure Jude is happy in there.  I believe they are going to do a fetal stress test and an ultrasound to measure him to make sure he isn’t getting too big and that he has enough fluid left.  I’m not sure if they are going to do both of these tests today or not, but I hope so.  We worry about our little man!  I think that we are also going to talk about inducing.  I don’t think that we will want to induce before February 6th  unless our doctor thinks it’s necessary but we will see.   I also want to get her opinion on sweeping S’s membrane, but I suppose it will be a moot point if S still isn’t dilated at all.  I’m sure we will be back later today or tomorrow with an update.

One last thing, congrats to all of those new babies out there!  We have loved reading your stories and seeing all of your beautiful photos.  Thank you so much for sharing your little ones with us here in blogland!

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