Friday, January 27, 2012

Jude’s womb days are numbered

I called today to schedule being induced.  I will be induced on Feb. 1st at 5pm if he does not come before that.  I will be 41.5 weeks along at that point and I think that is enough!  I truly hope he comes this weekend, but we will see.

I have been having some contractions last night and today.  Probably 20 between when I went to bed last night and now.  Not even one an hour at this point, so I am not really betting on it.  Everyone else seems to think today is the day.  I agree that 27 is a good number and today is a good day to be born.  Right now, Jude is just shifting around in there, so we will see if it happens.  I got a call from work from one of my managers.  She said our psychic massage therapist was feeling strange and had to sit down.  She then realized that she felt like she was having contractions.  So, my coworker calls and goes, “Where are you?!?!”  I simply stated, “in my living room, why?”  And she laughed and told me the whole story.  (This did happen after I scheduled the induction, so maybe she was picking up on that.)

I called my mom and told her about the date being the first and she said she would get here a few days early and bring her dog to leave at our house while she was in the hospital with me.  Good thing we had this chat because 1. No, you are not expecting friends of ours (who are kind enough to take care of our animals while we are in the hospital) to babysit your dog while you are here 2. The only person that will be in the hospital with me before Jude gets here is Liz.  Two very important things to clarify obviously since we had very different ideas about her trip here!  She was a little stunned, but I was not about to back down on either of those points.  Now we are on the same page.  She is going to fly in on the 1st and hang out until he gets here.

I have had about 5 people tell me he is coming today.  I am still waiting on him to get on that page:)  I guess he still could technically, but it would have to be a short labor considering it is already 12:30pm here. I would love him to come today or this weekend since my Dr. is on call, but I am not going to place any bets.

I did a strange thing yesterday and baked.  I made rolo stuffed chocolate chip and pecan cookies.  I wrecked out the kitchen and just cleaned it this morning, but it was a nice distraction.  I was pretty upset all yesterday thinking about being induced.  I feel a little robbed of the whole, “oh my gosh he is coming” moment that I have been looking forward to for a long time now.  I mourned it yesterday and feel better about it today. Honestly, when I see his little face, I think I will be long over missing that moment.  I also did a lot of reading on being induced and quite a few people were able to have natural vaginal births after being induced.  It makes me feel better.  I really did correlate being induced with having a C section, so I was glad to read so many stories where that was not the case.

I sure hope he comes before Wed, but if not, we should have a baby boy in our arms by late next week!!


  1. So exciting. I was induced both times (water broke naturally but no contractions at all...and even one time they turned down the pitocin and my body did NOTHING so I needed it.) Anyway, both were vaginal births with epidurals. I will hope for the best for you!!

    We also didn't allow family at the hospital which was a big deal at first but it was nice to have it for just us. My wife also felt like it would mean more to be the one at the birth and no one else since she wouldn't have the biological connection.

  2. Hang in there! I am feeling the 30th for some reason :)

  3. Just a forewarning, the day before our labor began I baked from scratch brownies on a whim, got a manicure/pedicure (which was the second time in my life that I had done that), and went clothes shopping voluntarily (again, very out of character). Perhaps your domesticity is a sign of good things to come. Best of luck to you whenever you guys labor. Stay strong and focused and know that lots of folks are pulling for you, Liz, and baby Jude!

  4. So close. Glad you figured out those very important things with your mother. Good luck, and may you have a surprise this weekend. Can't wait to hear about it!

  5. Hey, tomorrow is a great day to be born as well... just sayin'. (my birthday and maybe Jude's too!). Hope he comes soon for you!

  6. My mom was induced with all 3 of her kids and never had a c-section. I hope you can experience the same! :)