Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pineapple juice and a stubborn baby

First of all, go to breaking into blossom and give them some love.  Poor girls have been laboring their little rabbit for 38 hrs.  Please help the little guy get down the rabbit hole with some positive thoughts!

On our baby front, no progress.  He is down a little more, but the cervix is just as closed and unripe as ever.  We are going to go and walk around Whole Foods for a while today since we have a huge, really nice one.  It sounds nicer than the mall.  Liz is also convinced that pineapple will help, so I drank 46 oz of pineapple juice today.  We are going to get some fresh pineapple from there when we go.  I love fruit, but there are 2 fruits that I do not like: pineapple and watermelon.  When I was a kid, I ate both those things and then threw them up and have had an aversion ever since.  If Liz really wants me to do it, I will.  I understand her wanting to feel she has some control over when Jude will get here.  I feel the same way most of the time.

I think I am secretly the baby bringer for my Dr.   This is the 3rd appointment in a row that she was almost not there because one of her patience is in labor.  It’s pretty funny.  I am a good luck baby charm to all babies but mine it seems:)

I had some drama with my dad’s girlfriend and my mom this week.  I think that babies make people crazy!  Twice this week I have received a “is the baby here?” texts from my mom.  Since everyone and their dog is constantly asking us about it and we would like nothing more than to have him, it is getting annoying.  She will be one of the first ones to know when he is on his way, but apparently is not clear on that point (even though I have stated it multiple times).  And then there are the “Are you okay?” texts.  Not, a “how are you doing?” text, but an “are you okay?” text.  My mom is always worried the worse thing possible will happen, so she does not even have the ability to just ask how things are going.  Instead it is always dramatic.  So annoying!   Last night when I received the text, it took all of my being not to write back, “oh, yes, Jude is here, I forgot to tell you”  just to mess with her.  What answer is she really looking for??

My dad’s girlfriend (remember the one I have met twice) wrote me a facebook message asking if Feb. 13-17 works for her and the kids to come and see Jude.  Without my dad it turns out.  Considering if Jude goes as far as the Dr. will let him (2 weeks past his due date) he would be born on the 6/7 of Feb, that is a little soon.  Lady,  I DON’T KNOW YOU!  Quit pushing yourself upon me!  You want to be there the first week of his life with your kids (15 and 18 yrs old) WITHOUT MY DAD?!?!  No ma’am.  I wrote her back as nicely as possible and said no, that 1. it was too soon  2. wait until you can visit with my dad  3. I will keep her posted as to what dates will work out best.

I think I might stop working after this week.  I am exhausted and bored at work.  Also, I am terrified of trying to have a natural childbirth after getting up at 6am, driving and hour to work, working 9 hrs on my feet, and driving an hour home.  I think one of the main things that are important in going into a natural childbirth is that you are rested and fed before you go into that marathon.  I won’t have that luxury if I go into labor at work.  I am so torn about it though.  It seems like time wasted to spend up to 2 weeks at home without Jude here.  If only I had some indication of his arrival, then I could just take a few days off before.  If he goes to 42 weeks, then I will only have 10 weeks at home with him.  I don’t know, I am still mulling it over.

I am going to get some reflexology at work tomorrow and Liz is going to do some tonight.  She studied up on it last night and is going to hit the points.  I asked my Dr. at the appointment about natural methods to get him here and she only suggested walking and reflexology.  She did not like the idea of castor oil (which we don’t either).  I have gained a bunch of weight this week, bringing my total to 32 lbs.  Everything is so swollen and I have been starving, so I am not surprised.  Either way, at this point, I am not really concerned.  She said Jude is probably 7.5-8 lbs.  That seems like a good weight to enter the world at little Jude!

My next appointment is on Wed. of next week.  Here is hoping we don’t make it that far!


  1. I am like you--I worked til the end. With my first, I went into labour a little early. I was set to work until 39 weeks but my water broke at 38 weeks and 4 days or something.

    With my second, I went late. I was only off work for a few days but I had worked until my due date. I did acupuncture to try and induce and on my 3rd treatment, my water broke on the table! Seriously.

    Both were strange birth experiences though since my water broke and my body never had contractions on its own so I was induced.

    It's hard not knowing when it will happen. good luck!!!

  2. Just FYI, our doula and midwife had Ash smelling, me massaging her with Clary Sage essintial oil. It's supposed to help labor along.

  3. yikes! Good for you being polite about saying no, but why would she want to see your brand new baby without your dad there? I'm planning to work until my due date, but after that I think the annoyance will get to me and I'd rather be at home waiting than trying to pretend focus. He'll be here soon! Hopefully sooner than later...

  4. Here's hoping Jude gets the message and gets here soon!!!!

  5. Good luck to you guys, should be anytime!