Friday, January 20, 2012

Maternity leave Day #1

My last day of work was yesterday until April 23rd. I don’t think it has fully hit me yet.  I get great satisfaction out of having a career and being the bread winner, so until Jude gets here, it will take some getting used to to not have the calls with questions on how to handle or do something and be one of the main leaders at work.  Once he is here, it will be a whole different adventure and I am sure he will occupy my time without even trying.  It is just until then that I am worried about.

I have worked weekends, especially Saturdays, for probably 10 years now.   The only reason that I would not work a Saturday is if I am on vacation or something.  I am SO excited to run around and go to the different Farmer’s Markets around town tomorrow.  Not something I ever really get to do.  I have the whole weekend off with Liz which doesn’t happen often without there being a plan or travel involved.

I went and got my oil changed and a burnt out bulb replaced, walked the dogs, finished a book I’ve been reading, napped, and did little things around the house.  Not bad yet, just a typical day off.  The nice part is when I woke up in the middle of the night, I didn’t have to be worried about the 6am alarm clock.  I got up, and putzed around and went back to bed.

We are still having trouble with the neighbors dogs breaking thru the fence.  I am stalking my neighbors car to go and have a talk with her.  I am 3 days away from my due date and don’t want pit bulls breaking into my yard, no matter how nice they are.  We have been pretty cool about it for 5 years now as they have done nothing to prevent it, but I am to the point that I guess I will have to call Animal Control if after the talk they still don’t find a way to restrain the dogs.  So annoying, but I am unsure what to do otherwise.

I think Jude is officially all the way down.  Still no other signs of labor happening.   I have had some cramping and small contractions, but that is a normal thing at this point.  I got an hour of reflexology yesterday.  Her track record is she brings babies in 48 hrs, so we shall see if he comes tomorrow:)  I also ate pineapple, mango and kiwis and we walked around Whole Food and Book People for an hour the other night.  It was a nice change from walking around the neighborhood.  Last night we had spicy wings.  I have been bouncing on the ball and doing squats and some dancing, but nothing yet.  

The public is getting anxious.  We are getting all kinds of text messages and voice mails and e-mails wanting to know if Jude is here.  Liz and I are convinced he is not coming for a while, but I think we have just been so excited, we are tired of being over excited about it.   At the VERY latest, I will be induced in 17 days.  I really hope he comes before that, but honestly he has not shown any major signs of arriving.  Our friend said Jude is  a “Divo” as in the male version of a diva and will come in his own time.  Yes, yes he will.


  1. Happy Maternity Leave!
    Jude just wants to be a cool Aquarius like Rex. One more day....

  2. You name a baby after a Beatles song, it makes sense he'd want to be an Aquarius.

  3. C'mon little divo ;)