Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I’m a widdle waddly

I am usually a very fast walking, straight from point A to B person.  At 9 and 1/2 months pregnant, I waddle and take my time getting around.  It’s pretty funny I think and I read somewhere that it helps get the baby’s head into the pelvis, so it is not a bad thing.  I feel the same way about it that I do about my stretch marks.  Fine with both.  I think when you want a child for a long time and finally get to create and carry one around, all the things he does to your body are just fine.

On the Dr front, I am sure you read Liz’s post yesterday.  Jude needs to drop 4 more inches according to this Dr.  Mine was baby catching so I saw another one from the practice.  She was loud and boisterous and the funny thing was her vaginal exam was just the same.  My Dr does it and I am always like “maybe I can push out a baby, this is not so bad”.  This lady did it and I was like “hello there, nice to meet you! whoa mama”  Intense.  She thought he might be breach, but I was never concerned.  He likes to stretch out his little feet out the side of my belly and his little butt out the front, so I know what position he is facing.  Still nice to confirm on an ultrasound.

I just got back from a walk with Jude’s Aunt Lulu.  The dogs are loving our new routine of regular walks.  I like it too.  It is hard for me sometimes after being on my feet at work all day, but most days, it feels good to go on a slow waddle of a walk:)

I am still working my 40-45 hrs a week with 10 hrs on the road to get there and back.  Most of my staff is shocked that I am still doing it.  If I could, I would cut back, but that is not really an option at my company, so I push thru and it’s fine.

I am so ready to start the new phase of our life with our little boy.  It is going to be so different and so exciting!  I want to meet him and see his little face and personality.  I am excited for the challenge of having a newborn and all the surpises and joy he will bring to our lives.   I have been trying to really spend some quality time with Liz and with myself.  On my days off, I lay in bed, dozing and watching shows or reading.  Every minute I get with Liz I value.  I know that when Jude is here, he is going to be the main focus and there will not much laying around time, so I am enjoying these last few weeks.  At the same time, we (mostly Liz) are knocking out projects around the house and keeping it clean.  I want to come home to a clean house when he gets here, so I am trying to keep up with the dishes and such.  Liz has been organizing and cleaning rooms of the house.

This belly is officially big!  Everyone keeps seeing me and going “whoa!”  Yes, whoa.  I still think it’s pretty insane that there is a a child in my belly and that we can do that at all.  I value these last weeks with him.  Feeling him move around in there and knowing he is safe and happy inside.  I have still only gained a little under 27 lbs, so he is all belly, which I think makes it look bigger.

I feel really happy and settled about everything at this moment.  I know labor and having a newborn will be challenging, but I am excited for both to happen.  My biggest fear right now is how crazy our moms have been lately.  My mom texted me at 12am the other morning an “Are you okay?”  I got the text the next morning and sent her, “yes, why?”  She goes on about how the only reason she could think of for us to be so excited for Jude to be here is that something is wrong or I am miserable.  That is the only reason you can think of??  I can think of 200 fantastic reasons why we are pumped to meet our son.  She is so pessimistic all the time.  I had a small freak out about her being here when he is born because I don’t need the extra stress of managing her fears and emotions at the same time I a trying to learn to breast feed and about our new baby.  It will be fine, but I don’t understand why people are not just positive and excited about the whole thing.  We have told everyone who wants to come in that they have to stay in a hotel.  I think that will help out tons not having them underfoot.

  My Dr will not let me go 2 weeks past my due date, so no matter what, we will have a baby in the next month!  I have to say that is the most exciting thing ever!

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  1. definitely send them to a hotel! You're going to need space and they can always come over if you want them around more, right? So soon!