Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blueberry pancakes and false alarms

Yesterday I came home early from work.  I was having what I called “tiny contractions”.  They felt different than the cramping I have been having for the past few weeks.   They were not strong, but I was having 4-5 per hour.  They were not "call the Dr. worthy", but since I live an hour away from work, I did not want them to get to that point and then try to get home or to my hospital.  I had some once I got home.  Then they stopped, then I had 2 more, and now I feel fine.  I don’t know if my uterus is just practicing or if maybe Jude is going to make his appearance soon.  I am 39 full weeks today.  That means he could come anytime or at the VERY latest in 3 weeks.  I am rooting for anytime, but I do have some Holiday days I need to use up next week, so maybe right on time will work for us.  I just really hope he does not go 2 weeks past and they have to induce.  It does not seem like a good idea for natural childbirth if you can avoid it.

So, what do you do when you are waiting to see if your contractions are going to amount to anything?  For me: EAT!  I was starving all yesterday.  I could not get enough food.  We had some of our friends over last week and made blueberry pancakes, and I have demanded them a few times since then.  Liz has obliged and we went and got some more blueberries and Bisquick and she made some for me last night.  Liz is an amazing cook, but pancakes defeated her in the past.  She is now a pancake pro!  She can make big ones or little ones and they turn our round and cute!  She also made us fettucini alfredo for dinner.  (yes my pancakes were the 2nd dinner of the night)  I also took a nap when I got home from work.  So, while I waited, I slept and ate.  Not too bad of a day I say.

I am a little disappointed our little man is not making his appearance and it was all just my uterus playing around.  He has dropped down pretty low, so maybe I was just feeling him in a new place, but some of them were contractions.  He was very active thru the whole thing, which I am not sure if that is normal or not.  I could not tell if he was using his little head to cause pain or if the uterus contracting was making him move around a lot.

He is large enough now that he does not kick as much as try to escape out the front of me with his butt and feet.  He will sleep with his little butt pushed out the center of my belly and a foot shoved out the side.  It’s pretty funny.  It makes me think he has some long legs because of where he stretches them out.

My belly now sits on my lap since he squirmed his way down.  I think he likes the space because even being lower, some days he takes and sticks his tiny feet out the top of my belly near my ribs.  Fortunately, he is kind enough not to play in my ribs.  I hear that hurts really bad.

Liz has thru all this become a huge advocate for natural childbirth.  We had some of our friends come over last night and watched the Happiest Baby on the Block video and then they showed us how to swaddle a baby on a doll she brought over.  We were talking about what we wanted to do as far as the labor and you should have heard how into natural childbirth Liz is.  When I originally wanted to do it, she was of the mindset of “well, if that is what you want to do”.  Now, she is the main cheerleader for Jude and me to try to have a natural childbirth.  She was explaining all the reasons why and excited to talk about it.  She is going to be such a great coach!

I am ready to not be pregnant anymore.  Fancy that at 9 months and 3 weeks pregnant!  Not really shocking I think.  A few days ago, my hip was about to give out and I had to get Liz to get my exercise ball for me to sit on to try and work it out.  Then, I got shaking cold for no reason.  So weird.  Liz grabbed a hoody for me and a blanket and had me take deep breathes and then I was fine.  It was strange, but pregnancy does such weird things to the body.  I think I was just hungry honestly.  My right arm is almost constantly numb at this point.  I think it is pregnancy induced carpal tunnel.  It is all doable, but not the most comfortable I have ever been.  I keep telling Liz that I used to be a dolphin and I am now a whale.  This comes up when I am in bed trying to turn over mostly.  I don’t feel large and different other than when I am trying to switch sides in bed.  Between the belly, the wacky hips and the 3 pillows I have myself propped on in different places, it is quite and ordeal just to switch sides.

I am excited to only work 3 days next week and then hopefully little Jude will be here!  If not, then I will go back to my regular 5 days a week work week.  I am thinking that I will work 1 week past my due date and then leave if he is not here yet.  That will only be 1 week of my maternity leave wasted without him here if he goes to the full 42 weeks.  I just don’t want to take it now and possible waste 3 weeks of the time without him.  I want as much time at home with him as possible.  On the other hand, I want to be rested for his arrival.  If I am going to go natural, it will be much better if I have not just worked a long 9 hr shift at work when I go into labor.

All in all, we are ready and excited for his arrival.  I have today off so we are going to go to the movies and eat some spicy Indian food and just spend the day with each other relaxing.  Hope you have an excellent Sunday also!

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