Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Are you ever going to come??

Okay, so I am being dramatic.  I was totally convinced Jude would make his appearance this week.  I am only 37 weeks, but I woke up a few days ago just feeling off.  Then, I started having cramping, which I have not had much of before.  He seems lower and is moving around differently.  I even left my keys and passwords at work for people just in case I was not at work on Friday.  Well, I went to the Dr. and am not at all dilated.  Frown.  I was really ready to not go back to work and especially ready to meet our little man.  He is just too comfy in there I guess.  No plans on arriving.  My Dr. even said, “you need to tell him to come this month”.  I have been, but like a baby, he is not listening.

I have been having tons of baby dreams.  I am dreaming about labor, delivery, him, all kinds of baby things.  Usually, it is about labor and it is a little stressful. Nothing crazy, but it feels like it does when I dream about work.  The most recent one I had was actually neat.  He was pushing against my stomach and I could touch and see his little toes and fingers.  I was playing with them, then I just pulled him out of my stomach.  Weird, but there he was!

I plan to go for a long walk today and bounce on the exercise ball a bit.  Liz is obsessed with me doing all kinds of things to bring him here.  She has a list of 10 things she is demanding I do next week everyday if he is not here yet.  I tend to cramp up on long walks, so I am going to try to take a long walk, but stay close to the house so if it hurts too bad, I can come back.

The good news is the uterus is practicing.  I feel like that is a step in the right direction.  I have not had any regular or really strong contractions yet.  Only twice has it been take my breath away intense.  Mostly, it is like a medium period cramp.  I have awful (as in crying on the bed) period cramps, and have not had any contractions that have felt that bad yet.  I am sure they are coming, Jude and I are just not at that point yet.

I have been very “putsy-putsy”.  I have been cleaning and organizing all over the place.  My desk at work is immaculate, I have organized his clothes by size and even scrubbed down our bathroom a few days ago.  Not an easy task for being over 9 months preggie, but I just needed to do it right then.

At the Drs, by blood pressure was normal and I actually lost .6 lbs.  Not too bad considering I have been gaining 2 lbs a week for a few weeks now.  Takes my overall weight gain to 25 lbs even.  I hope to stay around there or put on a max of 5 more lbs.  We will see.

Send us all your get your baby here thoughts!  We are dying to meet our baby boy!


  1. ohh..i know how anxious you are to meet your boy! as someone who carried to 41 weeks, trust me, i know!

    that said, try to hang in there another few weeks. these extra days make a world of difference. our 36-weekers were *leagues* behind their 41-week gestation sister and i still see a difference at almost a year old. there have been some recent studies showing 39 weeks is the "new" full term and that babies that make it that long inside do better. hang in there mama, you can make it this final stretch!

    (apologies for the assvice, i'm only giving my opinion because i'm out of slapping distance!) ;)

  2. here's an article on the recent study i was thinking of:

  3. Hang in there! He will be here soon!!

  4. I agree, 40 weeks is ideal :) Stay positive!

  5. Good luck! Positive thoughts being sent your way!

  6. Just know that dilation rarely means anything, either way. I walked around 3.5 centimeters dilated with my first for three weeks before delivering.

    With my second, I was told at my 40 week appointment that it'd be at least another week because I wasn't even soft and baby was way was born less than sixteen hours after I was told that, not induced or anything, just my water broke and I had a very fast labor.

    Hang in, These last weeks are tough.