Monday, July 25, 2011

shrinking bump

I feel like my bump is shrinking!  I was not showing that much and I feel like I am showing less and less!  I was hoping to actually look preggie for our Mexico trip starting on Saturday, but I don’t think I will.  I see everyone else's bumps and I feel inadequate!:)  Oh well, all in good time.  I have noticed that if I sleep a lot, it shrinks and as I eat it grows.  I have been sleeping and not eating a ton, so I think that is it.  I am sad to not even hear the heartbeat for another 2 weeks.  It  seems like a long time to trust everything is progressing well, but I guess it is what everyone does.

On another note, I feel better quite a bit of the time.  I am currently a little sick to my stomach, and I threw up last night, but overall, I am feeling better.  It is a welcome change.  I no longer freak out when I feel better, just enjoy it for the little spurts it is there.  I was really nervous to go to Mexico, but I think I can survive that plane ride and rides from the airport now.  Good thing, because I am so excited to go!!  I have 4 days of work and then am Mexico bound!  We did it last year too.  We are going with Liz’s mom and step-dad, both her brother’s and her one brother’s wife.  It is always so relaxing and so much fun.  Liz and I are pasty enough that we are packing about 6 bottles of sunscreen because last time we had to buy some and it was outrageously prices on the resort.  The resort is all you can eat and drink, so I plan to partake in quite a bit of the first while I am there!  Other than that, we will just bob in water, switching between the pool and the ocean.

I guess we are doing the big rage… the “baby moon”.  I have read about it in quite a few places.  Since this is the last few months I will feel better and can travel and the last few months without a baby, it is hyped as the last great vaca:)  Personally I am still excited to one day take our kiddo to Disney world, but I understand what they mean.

Alright, off to work I go!

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