Wednesday, July 13, 2011

12 week wrap up

So I am going to write a 12 week wrap up of how it was the first trimester for me.  Future S is bound to be  preggie in the future going, “I don’t think I was this sick the first time”(with Liz rolling her eyes), so I better remind myself of how it actually was , so I better document!  Here are some facts!

1. Threw up 18 times in the past 6 weeks.(yes, I counted)  Threw up 2 times a day twice, threw up at work probably 5 times, but mostly threw up at home.  Threw up my thyroid pill once and had to take it again, but other than that, I kept pills down.

2. Took tons of pills.  2 nausea pills, one hormone pill (that was inserted, not swallowed), and a prenatal, DHA, and thyroid pill.  sheesh!  I took all of the pills except the thyroid pill in the evening with dinner since you can’t take your prenatal with the thyroid pill.

3. Tums and ginger ale is a girls best friend!  If you are preggie, forget about diamonds, Tums and ginger ale help more.

4. Even on the days I did not throw up, I gaged at least 5 times daily.  Fortunately, I have an office where I could do this at work.  I did once in front of guests in the locker room, but kept my head down and ran out.  I could just smell something, even purfume and feel sick and gag.

5. Getting up and down=gagging.  This sux because I pee at least 200 times a day and getting down to the toilet and getting up from the toilet=gag.  Getting in and out of the car= gag.  Walking into 100 degree weather (which it has been for months)= gag.

6. Not many cravings, mostly aversions, but the one thing I always want and has always sat well in my stomach is pasta with meat sauce.  I am crazy for Italian food.  I want bread with a little bit of meat.  I just woke up from a nap where I dreamt I was eating tons and tons of Italian food.  Pasta and pizza and bread and so preggie and happy:)  (I figured I better get up and eat something if my dream was all about eating!)

7. Fruits are still easier to eat than veggies at this point.  I eat a piece or 2 of fruit, but only really get a salad from work down on a regular basis.  Cooked into things and I might be able to eat it, but my usual veggie eating has not yet returned.

8. Lots of things came up even in the first trimester.  What kind of mom am I going to be?  How involved do I want my parents?  My mom and I had a few all out wars.  Turns out I found my voice now that I am with child.  Not sure if that is a good or bad thing.  How is my relationship with Liz going to change?  Will I be able to juggle career and baby?  So many questions.  It is funny with the hormones that some days, I feel overwhelmed by it all and then other days I am so euphoric that I am crying with joy….um okay preggie hormonal girl:)

9. We have the most supportive group of friends.  People are so supportive and encouraging and just loving.  They all want to already hold the baby, or make things for the baby or just be excited for us.  It has been amazing and I am only 12 weeks!:)

10.  Sleep, sleep and more sleep.  Some days I go to bed at 6pm and get up at 6am and still could go back to bed.  It’s crazy.  I read somewhere that you are doing more in your sleep that you usually do awake internally, so it makes sense, but jeez, I slept and napped and laid around as much as is humanly possible to do and still work 45 hours a week an hour away!

11.  Work has no idea.  I am so miserably sick, but I have a new boss who doesn’t know that me eating 4 tiny meals a day is not normal.  Plus it is slow right now, so when I feel miserable, I sit at my desk for a few.  I think now I am going to tell them on Sunday when my new boss gets back from California.

12.  I still feel sick.  Still gagged a few times today, but not as sick feeling as before, so I am hoping to be on the up and up soon!

13.  Honey nut Cheerios and pretzels saved my life!  I ate those things when nothing else would stay down.  I keep a bag of pretzels in my car and a bag of honey nut Cheerios at work.  Life saving.

14.  Baby brain!!  I was about to dial a number I dial at least 5 times a day from work.  I could not think of the number for the life of me.  I am constantly loosing things.  I am also very clumsy.  I am not at all a clumsy person, but I drop things, bump or run into things, ALL THE TIME.  It drove me nuts for a while to forget things and run into things, two traits I never had before.  I am also dizzy a lot.  That is also strange.

15. This is the weirdest thing I have ever done.  Something has totally taken over my body, my reason for doing everything, and my heart.  I am so very sick that I feel like this was the worse idea I have had, but at the same time, I have wanted to experience it since I was 15 years old.  Here’s hoping that it gets better.  I cannot explain what being preggie is like.  The way your body changes almost right away.  The way I look at food differently.  The way the hormones feel.  How it feels to have tons of blood flowing thru you.  How it messes with your whole being.  It’s crazy and amazing and just plain strange and cool.

That’s all I can thing of right now!  Here is to the first trimester and the next 2!!

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  1. you girls are going to be the best moms ever!!!