Tuesday, July 19, 2011

14 Week Bump Pic

Here it is, this week’s bump!  I think that S is really starting to show!  It looks rounder in person and feels different than a non pregnant stomach feels.  I love it!

Also, very exciting news.   S made the doctor’s appointment yesterday where if the baby cooperates, we will found out if it is a boy or a girl!  The appointment is for August 25th!  I can’t believe we will know so soon!  It STILL all feels like a dream.  I’m sure S is tired of me saying that, and I’ll probably still feel that way until the baby is 3 years old!  Or 22!  Hard to tell.  But it really does still feel just unbelievable that we are really doing this.  I just couldn’t be happier at this point.

One more pic to share with you all.  I’ve been working hard on my letters for the alphabet wall in the nursery.  I finished the W the other day, it is so cute and wrapped in yarn, pictures soon to come, I just haven’t taken any yet.  And one of our dear friends came over the other day and made her & sign (‘cause you know, x, y & z!) and it is yellow and covered in different colored buttons.  I will post some pictures of that one too.  And other people have finished theirs, I’m so excited to get them all done and hung up together!  Anyway, here is the picture of my H, isn’t it cute?  It’s made with mega blocks, which are the big size of Lego's for little kids.  I got them along with a bunch more (with a farm theme, random) at a second hand store here for $10.  I still need to glue them all together (the ones that arn’t snapped on), but I just love it.  It’s about 10-12 inches tall and 7-9 or so inches wide, so it is a pretty good size.  Next I need to start thinking about how to make the K, our last name starts with a K, so I want the K to be really big and really cool.


  1. what a cute bump!...can't wait to see all the letters together.

  2. Great bump! And I just love the letter idea. Too cute.