Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Jerk and the Fortune Cookie

Yesterday I was really excited about getting to see the baby on the ultra sound.  I texted a few of the pictures to my mom, my brother, my dad, and one of my best friends, Brandon.  Everyone was really excited and happy to see the little one.  When I sent the picture to Brandon he was in a meeting at work, but had his phone with them.  Right after I sent the picture he asked me if we had found out if it was a boy or a girl yet, as he knows that I was hoping to find out at the appointment.  I texted him, “It’s a boy!” and followed it up 20 seconds later with, “Just kidding, they couldn’t tell.”  I thought that this was hilarious (I’m mean like that) but what I didn’t know was that in the meeting Brandon got that text and shouted a big yes, because he really wants us to have a boy.  Then he had to explain to everyone why he had shouted.  Then, he got my text that I was just kidding and cursed aloud and again, had to explain.  So now not only does he think I’m a jerk, so do all of his co-workers.  L  Then last night, S’s dad is in town and he took us out to P.F. Chang’s for dinner and towards the end of the night I told them both this story.  S’s dad afterwards asks us, well, do you want a boy or a girl?  I of course respond that I want a girl, and as S is opening her fortune cookie, she says that she doesn’t care either way.  But at that moment she opens up the cookie, and this is what she sees:

Crazy, right!?  It has to be a sign.  I’m taking it as a sign.  And the fortune wasn’t too bad for a pregnant lady to get, here is it in case you were wondering:

So needless to say, I kept the fortune and if the baby ends up being a girl, you can bet that this little slip of paper is going to end up getting framed and put up in the nursery J.