Saturday, July 16, 2011

3 Coats of Paint Later...

Last night, my BFF Brandon and I finally finished painting the nursery.  We ended up painting it a Valspar color called Elephant Gray.  What a royal pain painting this nursery has been.  When I went to go buy the paint at Lowes I knew that because the color was so dark that I would need a primer or possibly have to paint it many times to get the color even.  But it isn’t a really big room and I figured two gallons of paint would be enough to coat it twice.  So we got one gallon of the Valspar paint plus primer and one gallon regular paint, both matched to the Elephant Gray color.  In retrospect I should have gotten both gallons of the paint plus primer, but at an $8 price difference, the cheap part of me won out.  So about two weeks ago we put up the first coat of paint, using the primer.  I couldn’t believe how well it covered, one coat looked pretty much perfect, there were only two or three tiny spots that needed touch up.  But the next day once it was dry, I figured, well, I’ve already got the second gallon and there are a few spots that need another coat, might as well roll a second coat on the whole thing.  And so I did.  Much to my total horror, the next day I discovered that the primer coat was just a hair lighter than the non primer coat.  Meaning that you could see  that all of the edges all around the whole room needed to be redone to match.  Also, it was streaky in many many places.  Ugh!  I didn’t know what to do because we didn’t have much more than 1/4 of a gallon of paint left.  So yesterday I went and got a THIRD gallon, mixed it with the paint I had left (because I’d go crazy if this new gallon didn’t match), and put a third coat of paint on the whole room, edges and all, with the amazing help of my dearest friend Brandon.  Needless to say, it was annoying.  This morning looking at the room, it still isn’t perfect, but after three coats, it’s as close to perfect as its going to get.  Now all I have to do it paint all of the trim (erg that is going to suck), put up the new ceiling fan, paint the dresser and side table, get all of the stuff we still need, and yeah ok we still have a lot to do.   But, progress has been made!  Even though this isn’t the chair that will go in the room, and I’m going to paint the side table, I took a picture to share with you all of the progress so far.

I really like how the color turned out.  It’s a nice gray and looks sort of blue depending on the lighting.  You might be wondering about the cute stuffed animals and the amazing baby blanket.  You are?  Good, here are the details:

The green doll is an ugly doll I got for my birthday a few years back.  Never really had a use for it till now.

The other doll is a stuff animal snow monster my little brother made for me.  It’s really really cute and pretty amazing considering he doesn’t make stuff like this and he did it all by hand.  The really cool part about it is that he told me he put a felt heart inside of it that has a secret message on it for me, but I can only find out what it is if I basically kill him.  Funny and cute, I think.  Here is a close up of him:

And the baby blanket is a gift from one of S’s coworkers.  She took us to the store to pick out all of the fabric for it and she just finished it earlier this week.  We are totally in love with it, it is so much cuter than the pictures really show.  Here is a close up shot of it:

 So those are our nursery updates so far.  Isn’t is well on it’s way to being the cutest nursery ever?  I certainly think so!  Well, time to go to the store and get stuff for dinner, we are having a Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 dinner and movie night with some friends in preparation for going and seeing the new movie all together tomorrow night.  Should be really fun, I’m making Butter Beer!


  1. Love the baby blanket and the paint color. Great job!

  2. This looks so great! Can't wait to see it in person! - Love ya! Lauren

  3. i'm finally getting caught up on posts! what the heck is butter beer?

  4. oh, and i really love the snow monster!