Monday, July 18, 2011

Coming out of the closet #2!

I told work yesterday that I’m pregnant.  I was so, so very nervous!  I was dropping stuff at the front desk while I waited for someone to finish talking to my boss so I could go in and shut the door.  I took a deep breath and told her.  She was great about it!  She congratulated me and told me about her being pregnant and other people she knows who are trying.  It went way better than expected.  I then told a few of the supervisors who work for me and they were excited.  One of my estheticians almost fell over she was so shocked and excited!  People are so shocked.  I am unsure if they are shocked because I am a lesbian, shocked because I am one of the top managers at the spa, or shocked I kept it a secret for the first 13 weeks.  Either way, I must say, it was fun to shock people.  I told about 6 different people and then ran out to go see the new Harry Potter (which was great!!) and then had today off, so I am guessing everyone knows by now and I won’t have to tell anyone else.  I feel so relieved to not keep it a secret anymore!!  Me and my baby bump are out to the world and it feels great!  I am feeling better today, which is really nice.  Still gagged a few times, but overall, I feel better than I have since morning sickness set in.  I am hoping it keeps up, but not betting on it:)

In other news, I got a really cute preggie shirt and bathing suite from Old  There should be another shirt coming.  I also bought a book and a rattle today.  I have been anti buying anything for the baby, but went for it today.  Liz got off work early and we went and got manis and pedis and shopped a little.  All in all a very nice and relaxing day off for me.  Back to work tomorrow, so I am very excited to come out with bump a blazing tomorrow.  I have been wearing ridiculous clothes to hide it for so long, it is going to be a shock to everyone.  I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and not very pukey…good day!