Tuesday, July 5, 2011

C’mon 12 weeks!

I will officially be 12 weeks on Sunday.  That means I no longer have to take the hormone pills, (yeah!!), I will be out of the “danger zone”, and hopefully, fingers crossed, will start to feel better.  I am still very nauseous and threw up not once, but twice yesterday.  The mornings are really hard…I feel so sick to my stomach, but the afternoons, I tend to feel fine.  I am guessing this is a good sign that maybe I will feel like a human again in the next few weeks.  It is strange.  I am either sick to my stomach forcing food down so I have something in there to throw up or I am ravenous, starving and eating like crazy.  I am hoping once I keep food down on a regular basis, my appetite will even out.  I hope I don’t feel fine and ravenous all the time because I really don’t want to put on any more weight than necessary.  Currently, I weighed myself and have lost a pound.  I am showing now, so I have to wear baggy clothes to work.  I am rotating thru 5 different outfits, but am going to tell work on the 14th, so I only have 4 more days of hiding.  I work the next 4 days and then have 4 days off!!!  My dad is coming to visit and I am excited, but hope I feel better for his visit.  I am not a very fun person to visit right now;)

On another awesome note, the guys just came and delivered our new KING SIZE BED!!!  I randomly decided I needed one stat, so we went bargain shopping on the 4th of July weekend and scored an amazing bed!  I am laying on it right now and it is so soft and amazing.  It is huge, but I am sure with us and animals and eventually a toddler jumping into it on Sunday mornings, it is just right.  I am so excited to sleep in it tonight.  I think I may take a nap right now in it actually.  In case you were wondering, pregnant women are allowed to take naps during the day…actually I took naps when I was not preggie too:)  All in all, I am feeling optimistic that 12 weeks will bring my energy and steady stomach back to me.  If not, I at least have a big cozy bed to take my naps in:)


  1. Maybe we should get a king size bed too..sounds fantastic!

  2. congrats on your badass new bed!:)....i will be thinking about you on the 14th and sending all my positive thoughts your way, hoping all goes well with the work situation...love you....