Monday, April 4, 2011

Dream a little dream with me

I have been having strange dreams.  The day after the Dr. said we were a go, I had a dream I went to get inseminated.  I was on a table, which was like a wooden kitchen table, and am totally naked except for a sheet that is covering most of me.  The doc is fiddling around down there and then there is a knock at the door.  In comes Liz who sits down on a chair next to the table and the Drs. wife.  Well, the Drs. wife is the mom on Sons of Anarchy (formally known as Peg Bundy).  Her "character" this time is a quiet woman who talks slow, but matter of factly.  She sits down beside the Dr. and then, we decide to have dinner together.  I am still in just a sheet and am on the table while we suddenly have cheese and little green grapes and they are all drinking wine.  I remember thinking, "well this is unexpected" but not much more than that. 

Last night I dreamed all night about peeing on sticks.  I dreamed about alarms going off and having to get up and pee on a stick and then another stick would need attention.  Lots of jumping up and getting the sticks together.  It was strange. 

I did, in real life, get a smiley face on a stick yesterday and then my little OPK machine said I am ovulating this morning.  I am not exactly sure what to make of that, but I usually ovulate on day 16, so I am going with that.  All the types of kits my Drs. have recommended are confusing and hard to read, but then one of your blogs had a smiley face kit and I tried it and love it.  I feel like I did something pretty awesome when I got that smiley face.  It's funny how happy it makes me :)  So, that means 30 days from yesterday, we will be baby making!

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