Monday, April 11, 2011

Soooo soon!

We are so very close to insemination.  I am still having weird dreams.  Last night it was about buying gummy hippos at a store and being preggie.  Um, okay.  We should be inseminating May 4th and 5th as long as my cycle is as regular as it has been!  I have not built that schedule yet at work, so I think I am going to schedule those days off for me.  L should be able to come to the first one and then a friend of ours can come to the second or I can go solo.  I am doing all kinds of strange stuff for fertility.  L REALLY wants me to drink Fertilitea, but my cycle is so normal now, I don’t want to throw it off.  I am burning Moxa on myself everyday and will be getting acupuncture once a week in the coming weeks.  I probably will go get some on the day of insemination also.  I am wearing a “fertility bracelet” that is made of quartz, moonstone and some red stone that starts with a C.  I am not drinking and felt pretty bad about going to Trivia night where people around me chained smoked the whole night, so I will not do that again during this process!  I am walking and with L on weight watchers, I am also eating healthy.  I am ready!  Just waiting on that egg to do it’s business and we are a go.
I did have a little freak out about working and being preggie.  As you all know, I am not sure the reaction at work will be a positive one from my bosses.  I think the staff will go crazy with joy, but my current boss does not get why anyone would want to be pregnant and thinks kids are just a money drain.  I have been asked to push out people or write off people who are preggie, but that was by a boss who is no longer there.  All in all, I am not sure how it will go over, which is why I am nervous to tell them about the process.  I am also sure that once I do tell them, they can’t do anything about it, but if they find out now, they might try to.  Not only that, but I work long, run around all over the place, deal with angry clients, days.  I am not sure if being preggie is going to effect that or not.  I guess you don’t really know until you try.  Fortunately, L is very supportive and if I need to go to bed right after work, she will tuck me in.
I am also not sure what Dr. we will end up seeing once I am preggie because of the thyroid.  I am guessing my birthing plan with midwives might not work, but maybe there is a more modern birthing center set up at a hospital that I could use.  We are still a ways off from that, so I am not really worried about that quite yet.
I will see my current Dr. on the 3rd day of my period to run some tests, so I will have more info then.  I am going in with a huge list of questions, so I should feel more settled after that.  Either way, I am mega excited and will keep all of you posted!

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  1. Yay!

    You might want to consider seeing an endocrinologist if you can swing it; mine is already saying she'll follow me through the pregnancy and help me out with increasing the thyroid meds so then I can probably see whatever OB / midwife / pregnancy friend I want.

    I can't imagine why you couldn't give birth where you wanted... the pregnancy is higher risk but not ridiculously so if you monitor your blood throughout. I'm interested to see what you learn (so I can put it in my back pocket!)