Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No drugs please, I have my rocks!

I ordered the viles today.  It was a pain because people could not look up the information correctly, but finally I got someone who knew what they were doing and they will arrive at my Drs. office on Monday!  The nurse seems to think I will ovulate before day 17 now that my thyroid is on track.  That means we could be inseminating as soon as 10 days from now!  I am uber excited!  I read thru our donor’s profile and information again this morning before I placed the order and I am still happy with this one.
I was surprised the Dr. pushed so hard yesterday for me to sign up on one of his packages.  He knew when I came in what I was looking for and he was trying to bully me into doing tabs now.  I don’t want to this time around.  I stood my ground, but he was obviously upset by it.  He then made me pay for the IUI right then instead of day of.  I think I finally put 2 and 2 together and he thought I was using him for the ultrasound and then would go and do the insemination somewhere else.  That was not my intention, but I think that is why he was so weird about it all.  Oh well.  I am happy to try it normally once and then do the ultrasound and drugs he wants.  I know his job is to make it happen ASAP and the things he wants to do assure that happens, but I want to see if my little eggs can do it on their own once before all the other stuff. My mother was very fertile and even with my thyroid being so far off, I was still very regular.  He looked at the uterus and follicles and took some hormone tests and so far everything is normal.  I have as good a chance as any to get preggie:)
I am such a hippie about the whole thing.  I say no to his drugs, but I am everyday burning moxa, once a week doing acupuncture, and wearing a bracelet that is supposed to have fertile stones on it.  I also just put a big quarts with the same stones on it next to my bed.  No thank you Dr, I don’t want your drugs…I have my rocks!;)
On another note, my pug Pedro seems very confused by the moxa.  Every time I burn it, he leans on me and looks at me all concerned.  I am not sure if he thinks I am lighting myself on fire or if he is just not happy with how it smells, but he feels I need comforting when I am burning the moxa.  It’s really cute.  He is the dog that will be excited to have a kid in the house.  We were walking the other day and he ran up to a kid, licked his hand and then sat wagging his tail while the kiddo pet his head.  Emma on the other hand growled and ran off.  She’ll have to learn to like the kiddo.  L already looked up techniques to help the transition with the animals, so we will try those.
Well, I better get to work!  So soon to being a One Hit Wonder!:)


  1. Good luck! I hope you get to be a One Hit Wonder! :D

  2. Good for you standing up for yourself! And what a jerk for making you pay upfront. Even if you did just use him for ultrasounds, what does he care? Good luck this try!!

  3. I hope you guys and us can BOTH be one hit wonders! If I'm looking at it correctly, our TWW's will probably overlap just barely- at the end of yours and beginning of ours. YAY for having company, and let's hope we (well, you and my C) all get knocked up! lol