Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hey There Good Lookin’!

So we got the pictures today of our possible baby daddy.  And we think he is totally cute!  They sent us 11 pictures all together from infant to adult.  We had to sign a confidentiality paper that we wouldn’t publish the pictures or do anything public with them, so we can’t put them up on the blog.  If you know us in real life we will probably show them to you eventually.  Right now we don’t really want to show them to many people because it’s really no one’s business and also we just don’t want to hear anything negative about him.  He is what we were looking for, blue eyed, skinny, smart, and normal/cute looking. I was so excited when I saw the package at the door, I just about freaked out.  What a happy exciting week for us!

Now that we have all of our ducks in a row so to speak, it looks like May 1st is our tentative insem date.  S is about to ovulate in the next day or two, and so we don’t have time to do this cycle.  Plus our doctor wants to run a few basic tests on the 3rd day of her cycle before we do the insem, so if everything cycle-wise runs as usual, that puts it at just about May 1st.  I think that this is really exciting because my birthday is May 12th, so that means we could possibly know by my birthday if we are pregnant or not.  Wouldn’t that be a great birthday surprise?!  I did tell S though that her getting pregnant in no way was a replacement for a birthday present though, exciting as it may be.  Ha!  I wish it was going to be in April though, May just sounds really far away right now…


  1. Eek Liz!!! I'm so excited that we're going to be in the 2ww together! :-)

  2. Glad he's what you were looking for! I wish our bank did photos--we're going on faith. May will be here sooner than you think!