Friday, April 15, 2011

18 Day Count Down!

There are only 18-19 days before we do our first inseminations!  S should be starting cycle day 1 on Sunday, which for the first time ever, is so exciting!  It has been blowing my mind these last few days to think that this time next month, S could be pregnant.  Alright so technically if we did the IUI on 5/3 and 5/4 our two week wait wouldn’t officially be over until the 18th, but I know us and I know that by the 15th we will have tested.  While I’m skeptical that the first time will work (it just seems so arrogant after reading all your struggles, my fellow lesbian TTC blog friends, to think that we will be different and end up being a one hit wonder),  but I can’t help but thinking, just maybe it will happen.  And it still boggles me that our doctors/the world are going to let us try to do this.  It still feels like we need some sort of certification, like we should pass a class or test and have a license that we would show at the RE’s office that says “This couple is officially licensed to have a baby and become parents.”  I know that is silly, but man, maybe that should exist.  There are so many dumb people out there having kids on accident that they don’t want.  Don’t even get me started on that.

So I guess this means that we will need to next week order the little swimmers and S will go in on Tuesday probably for her beginning of the cycle testing the RE wants to do, whatever that entails.  

And one picture to leave you with.  I’m a bit of a painter and I’ve been working on a painting for S that I finished (mostly finished) last night.  It was so cute, I finished it while we were watching a movie (Love and Other Drugs- which we didn’t finish and didn’t really impress us much) and once it was done S propped it up on a chair next to the TV and every time I looked she was starring at the painting and ignoring the movie.  She loves it!  I read an interesting fact the other day on this app I have for my iphone and it said that babies start dreaming even before they’re born.  Isn’t that the cutest thing?  I can’t imagine that they have much to dream about at that stage, but I have in mind a painting inspired by that fact, so stay tuned and I’m sure it will turn up on here eventually.  


  1. Very exciting. And there is nothing wrong with dreaming that the first time will work. I feel the same, it does seem almost arrogant after knowing what everyone else has gone through, but I think we owe it to ourselves to be excited and hopeful. Good luck!

  2. eek! exciting! wishing you first timers luck! :)

  3. Beautiful painting. I think we ALL had high hopes for the first time being the only time. You have every right to feel so excited and to believe that the first insem will work for you. We've been at it 10 months now and still no baby, but we're still hopeful. :)

  4. It definitely happens for some people on the first try--hopefully you'll be one of the lucky one-and-done folks! :) I love the painting, too!

  5. okay, your blog is another one that is not showing up on my reader!!! arggghhhh! so now I'm behind... excuse me while I get caught up!