Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Skills for the future

Those of you who know me, know I can do a lot of different things.  What you may not know about me, is I expect to be really good at everything I do even if I have never done it before.  I know, this is very strange, but is it one of my things.  I ran into this the other day.  L is working a weird schedule, so she is not here to cook dinner. I decided to give it a whirl with what we had in the house.  When L came home, I was upset because I made such a crappy dinner.  I made chicken, which was fine.  Then I made 2 steamers, those things you nuke in the microwave, they cook in the bag, and then squish around and serve.  Well…they were gross.  I got upset because I feel like making steamers is a fool proof dinner.  L comes home and asks me how my dinner was and I say CRAPPY!  Then I proceed to go on a tirade how I am going to starve for the next 5 weeks without her here to cook dinner and I can’t even make ONE GOOD MEAL!  She of course laughs at me, “why are you upset baby, are you mad at the steamers?”
“Yes!!”  I say.  She laughs, picks one up and informs me they have been expired for 8 months and that is why they are so crappy.  Oh.  
She then asks me, “did your mom teach you to cook?”
“Did I teach you to cook?”
“Have you been watching cooking shows?”
“Why do you expect to be able to cook?”
“Because I am a grown woman and should be able to prepare a meal!”
“Okay, let me teach you to cook.”
Like I said, I expect to be able to do things I have never done before and do them well.  Maybe I should cut myself some slack.  L ordered a beginners cook book for me:)  I think it will be a good skill to get down before we have kids, so my night to cook will be more than pizza night!

On another note, I feel like myself a little more everyday.  The thyroid meds finally got my energy levels back.  On Friday I had an insane day at work and I still came home and walked the dogs and did the dishes.  Now that sounds more like me!
I also determined that my cycle length is 28 days and so far is like clockwork.  I should be ovulating in the next few days(3-4 to be exact).  I am sad to not be trying this time, but feel that it will be so soon that I am still excited.  All seems to be heading in the right direction.  We might have taken a detour to babyville, but we will get there soon!


  1. Lol, we must be twins. (Some of those steamers with the sauces really are gross though. I stick with the veggies with no sauces.)

  2. i agree, you need to cut yourself some slack. how fun though to learn something new! can't wait to hear as you grow more confident in your abilities. =)

  3. dude, you thought you should be able to cook when your idea of dinner used to be croutons? come on, really? lol- plus, we both know you shouldn't be comparing anyone to your wife's cooking. that will always be bad in comparison to that crazy goodness