Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Hope He Isn't Ugly

This is a week full of answers.  Yesterday S went and got her thyroid levels checked.  We should know sometime this week if things are looking better.  Either way I’m trying to get her to go see a specialist because I don’t feel like our doctor is very competent in this area.  I think that S is working on getting a referral from her.  But I’ll let S write about her appointment later.  The other answer we should be getting this week is about our sperm donor.  We picked one out and he is one of the donors that has “Lifetime Photos” available.  This means that we can see a series of photos of him as a child, teenager, and adult.  We paid the $75 and should be getting the pictures in the mail sometime this week as well. 

S said, “What will we do if he is really ugly?”

And I told her, “Then we will pick someone else.  I’d rather have a donor that I don’t what they look like then someone I know isn’t good looking.”

Does that sound dumb?  I don’t want to see shallow, but when you are choosing from a virtual buffet of dudes and they all cost pretty much the same amount of money, why choose the ugly guy? 

So I guess that isn’t a ton of answers, but they are some pretty big ones for us, so I am nervous and excited to see what the week will bring. 

Another funny thing is that when my mom was here last she mentioned to me that she had told my youngest brother, who just turned 22 yesterday, about us having a baby and how we are picking out a sperm donor.  And I guess he told her that he would be willing to give us sperm so that I’d be biologically related to our kid.  Anyway, I called him yesterday for his birthday and he mentioned it again, and how it would be funny because it would put him one step closer to becoming his own grandpa.  Do you guys know that song?  I’ll include the video, it’s pretty special. 

As sweet as his offer is, it isn’t the route we are going to go.  For one, he lives far enough away that it would be annoying to make it work out and two; I think it would be weird in a lot of ways for us, him and our future child.   And also, wanting to donate sperm just so you can be ‘your own grandpa’ is probably not exactly the right reason.  

So we will keep you all posted on what answers this week may bring!


  1. That's hilarious! And very sweet, although I can see why you aren't planning to take him up on it. Don't go for the ugly guy--way better to not know than to know he's unattractive and use him anyway.

  2. I am SO afraid that my kid would be ugly. Whether I had them or not, I'm just afraid of looking at my child and being like... wow.. that's just not cute.
    I mean, delivering a child is a pretty monumental and emotional event. I don't want it to be marred by me cringing when they hand me my child.
    I'm just too honest I guess. I don't think EVERY baby is cute and I don't feel like I'd lie to myself just because it's my own. I feel like I'd be pretty realistic.
    Sure, I'd love them... but man. I just hope my kids are cute.
    I'm sure that's shallow... but it's how I feel.
    You are not alone!