Thursday, March 3, 2011

All You Need Is Love

So I was inspired to write about how S and I met and fell in love, the PG version.  

It all started back my freshmen year of college during the spring semester of 2001.  My best friend was dating a guy at the time, J.P., who was a theater major and thus hung out with all of the theater kids.  S was also a theater major and they were friends.  Anyway, when I went to college I had a lot of friends from high school at the same college so I didn’t really have to go out and make a bunch of new friends, but pretty much all of my old high school friends were straight.  

So I was complaining about not knowing any lesbians to my best friend and J.P.  Almost instantly JP said, “I know this great lesbian that you just have to meet.  Her name is S and she has a cute little girlfriend too.  You guys should be friends.  I think you’d really hit it off.”

“But she has a girlfriend.  I don’t want to meet lesbians with girlfriends already,” I whined.  

“Just meet her, you’ll like her.”

Apparently he had the same conversation later that week with S and she also didn’t really want to meet me, seeing as how she already had a girlfriend.  But we were all going to the same theater party that weekend, so it was decided that he would introduce us.

That night at the party, to put it mildly, I was wasted.  Some friends of mine in the dorms had gotten a keg of Honey Brown and there were only 6 of us to drink it before it had to go back the next day.  Also, at the party there was a Margarita machine for the birthday girl who was throwing the party.  Let’s just say that I ended up meeting S and her girlfriend and was a drunk mess, and did not really impress them.   And I didn’t think much of them either.  I do remember making at one point a “margarita angel” in the bed of the birthday girl before the end of the night.  I was a classy lady back then.

Anyway, fast forward about a year.  S and her girlfriend break up and I end up back with my ex girlfriend.  S and I end up both working at the same restaurant.  She works in the kitchen and occasionally waits tables and I am a terrible waitress at said restaurant.  We remember each other from the party the year back and hang out once or twice as friends with all of the other people we work with.  We aren’t really friends, but we know each other. 

The next year, my junior year, my girlfriend and I at the time break up.  (Unknown to me, she thought we were taking a break and I thought that we were done)  I’m a mess and basically throw myself at S one night, who is the only single lesbian I know, and she thinks, “why not”.  So after a lot of drama with my ex, S and I date for about 6 months.  

After a month I move in with her, mostly because my best friend and I have to basically squat with people due to a month between the lease on one apartment ending and the next beginning and my only other option is my ex, who really isn’t much of an option.  After that first month I have my own apartment, but we go back and forth together, so we are still pretty much living together.  After 6 months we break up because I’m not sure if I want to be with S or my ex.  Drama ensues.  My ex and I are back together for about 6 months when more drama ensues and I am back with S.  

This time things are different and better.  The drama is over and we fall deeply in love.  S is a year older than me and thus graduates a year before I do and moves to Austin to go to massage school.  We do long distance for a year, which is so much harder than I could have ever imagined, but we make it work.  Once I graduated from college, I moved to Austin to be with S and we have been here in sunny beautiful Austin ever since.  

Six years ago we got engaged, which is a story in itself, almost five years ago we bought a house together, and then about 2 and a half years ago we had a beautiful wedding in our back yard.  So all in all we will have been together nine years in August and will have been married three years in June and are still going strong.

And they lived happily ever after.  The end.


  1. i think this should have been posted along with Pedro in his tux :) love that pic