Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nursery Smorgasbord

Waiting is hard to do.  It is getting closer to the day that we would have inseminated if not for the whole jacked up thyroid thing, and it’s making us sad that we aren’t going to be doing it just yet.  Just being sad about not being able to try to get pregnant makes me very nervous about how we will handle all of the other possible disappointments in the future, ie- if S turns out to not be a one hit wonder.  So, I thought I’d cheer myself up by looking at baby nurseries online.  I want to start decorating so bad, but I know it’s too early.  My mom is coming down to visit in like two weeks and I mentioned to her how we will be turning the office into a nursery eventually and she is so funny, she wants to get it started while she is here.   And it’s not time yet and I told her so, but she still wants to take out all of the office stuff and combine it with our art studio (which is the plan, to make a half art studio half office) and paint the office and make it into a guest room for now.  And I kind of want to do it.  Even though when/if/once our roommate moves out we will already have a guest room.  So the question is, IF we do this, what color do you paint a room that might be a nursery for a child that you haven’t conceived yet and therefore have no idea if it will be a boy or a girl?  Plus, it needs to be a color we can live with as a guest room for possibly a long time, seeing as how we have no idea right now when we will even be able to start trying to get pregnant.  It’s a weird/fun thing to think about.  So I have gathered some of my favorite nursery pictures to give you all (and S) an idea of what I’d like our nursery to look like.  The main thing that I want is for it to be bright, uncluttered (some nurseries have wayyy too much stuff in them and ours won’t be very big), and not too matchy-matchy with the fabrics and theme, if you know what I mean.  So here you go, enjoy.


  1. i love that one with the tree and the birdhouse nightlight. adorable! i LOVE looking at nursery ideas, though its far too early for us as well. oh well, doesn't hurt to look. =)

  2. i like #2 and #1. i really like the box-looking patterns