Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pug in a tux

Since Liz wrote about how we met, I will tell the story of how we became engaged.
I was sure I would wait 10 years before I married someone.  I know, it sounds insane, but L and I are both of the idea that if you are going to be together forever, why rush it.  Now, 10 years is a long time and we actually got married after 6, but that was just my weird number I had picked.  With that being said, I proposed to L on our 3.5 year anniversary.
At the time, I was working as a massage therapist.  I really liked doing massage because I have always wanted to make a difference and it was my way of doing it.  The thing I didn’t like about doing massage, was that you only work 20-25 hours a week, there is not steady pay and no health benefits.  This is all besides the point except for one thing…L worked a normal job, so I had plenty of time to find a ring and still get home in time for her to not know what I was up to.
I was just looking at her one day and thought, I want her to wear my ring.  I already knew she was the one for me, had no doubts about that, but suddenly, I wanted her to be claimed as mine by wearing a ring I picked out and purchased for her.  So, I started looking for a ring.  This proved to be quite a journey.  I went to tons and tons of jewelry stores and looked over their rings.  Originally, L wanted a ring from a company named Hidalgo, but I looked at those rings and thought, I can do better than that.  After all the looking, I had it down to 2 rings and could not decide.  I know L well, but it is still hard to chose jewelry for someone, especially expensive jewelry, so I had a friend go with me to look at the pieces.  She ended up picking the one I was not leaning towards, so then I started to get nervous.
I decided the best way to tell which one to get her, was to bring L to the shop and show her.  Here is where it gets tricky.  I had to do this in a way she would not know what I was up to.  I told her that I loved her and even though I could not afford it now, I wanted to start saving for her ring and thought I saw one she would like.  I took her to the place, and of course the guy remembered my name and pulled it out right away.  Fortunately, L did not seem to notice, and she took one look at the ring and said, “That’s the one.”  I ended purchasing the ring from an account my dad had for me and hid it in the apartment.  Everyday, I would look at it and it was really hard to not just do it on the fly, but I had other plans.

Now that the ring was taken care of, I got to do the fun part.  We lived in a large 2 bedroom apartment.  I went to Whole Foods and ordered flowers.  Tons and tons of flowers.  I wanted the place covered in them.  Then, I picked out a fancy meal to make.  I made lamb stuffed with cous cous.  It turned out delicious even though I was so nervous I couldn’t eat a bite.  I told Liz I wanted to buy us an outfit so that we could dress up for our fancy 3.5 year anniversary dinner.  The nice thing is that L came home and thought I had done all of this for our anniversary, so she was not clued into the fact that I was going to propose.
I then got our pug, Pedro Puggy Sanchez, a tux and put it in the spare room with the ring all ready to go around his neck.  We ate our dinner in our fancy outfits and then I said I had one more surprise. I called Pedro to follow me into the other bedroom.  I asked L to sit on the couch with her eyes closed.  I grabbed Pedro, got him suited up and put the ring around his neck.  Then I turned on our song (Possession by Sarah McL) and set him on the couch next to L.  I asked her to open her eyes and take the box, but not open it yet.  I went into my spiel…I am not going to share with you guys now…and then got on a knee and asked her to marry me.
She said Yes!!  I was so excited and she just kept saying, “I can’t believe you just did that” over and over and we were officially engaged.

Years later, we got married and will have been together for 9 amazing years this year.  I feel like the luckiest woman alive to have L as my wife.  Every day I wake up next to her and know I did something right.  I am still so crazy in love and am so excited to bring a baby into this family:)


  1. Aww..that's so sweet! I especially love your pug's place in the story!

  2. So glad you told this one. Makes me smile everytime :D